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  1. For $20k I'll put a 6 speed in the new stang. Hell, I'll even use a REAL 6 speed and not one of those fake pieces of crap (T-56). :nice:
  2. Just picked up MT. Hot Rod

    Amazing, I'll need help posting stuff, I have the pictures we've seen already and a few more. If you can host the pics give me your e-mail address thanks.
  3. Just sent Boomer v3.8 pics, hopefully he'll have them soon.
  4. Sorry, I didn't resize them....
    so save em, yourself..nice and large.
  5. guess what...more...


  6. A definite step forward...and a great looking car. My hat's off Ford!

  7. took a minute, i didnt like the $27,000 est. for the base price GT. but ill still get it.
  8. since when is a t-56 not a real 6 speed? the viper has one the camaro and vette have one and the 03 cobra.

  9. Those of us with REAL 6 speeds (5 forward gears plus 1 overdrive gear) consider the T-56 a FAKE 6 speed (4 forward gears plus 2 overdrive gears). :D :D :D
  10. where are you going to get a real 6 speed? links...

  11. Any of you guys b*tching about the 3650 manual trans really aren't gonna like the 5R55* auto. This tranny is junk. I work on these everyday in the new explorers. This tranny can't even handle the 240hp the 4.6 explorer puts out, let alone 300hp.
  12. ooooooooooh GT500, that looks good :) cmon cmon cmon :nice:
  13. I'm so proud of Ford. :D :) :flag: :hail2: :nice:
  14. I want to save up for the SHELBY, but im wondering if that will be the same or different to the SVT cobra.
  15. Nice BIG scan. Thanks.

    I like it. I like it a lot!

    I look forward to the SVT version. Independent rear suspension and hopefully stability control will be included in that version.

  16. Thanks for the excellent scans. Sure beats waiting a week or more for my edition of MT to arrive in the mail. I think the car looks great!