How I spend my time when I'm bored...

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  1. Way to upset the 'lil kiddies "old man"....:rlaugh:
  2. ehh no biggie. more for me

    if you ever do come down there better be a midget though
  3. DOH!!!!
  4. i'll do it right! :nice:

    My point was, let's say DMan posted his pics and this kid knew he was put in his place. Instead of saying "Wow, nice car. Ya got me there!", he could've been a dick and said "Yea i was right, your car is a POS!" when he knows damn well it isn't. And if he really thought it was, he wouldn't post pics of his OWN car to show what he thinks a nice one is. Nothing wrong with owning a car that's not all done up!
  5. **sings Chicago, insperation to my self**
  6. Please for the love of gawd steveO don't sing!!!
  7. I love the way those clowns tucked their tails as soon as you posted those pics. Youre car is ****ing magnificent.
  8. LMAO they were like "**** his car IS nice!"
  9. Naw, like I said it's just very photographic..unlike myself :)
  10. You humble SOB, your car is sick as **** and in my top 3 favorite cars!!!
  11. that car is like buttttttaaa.....

  12. Hope you include your's in there....LOVE the a files full of verts. My car was originally two tone grey so you know I'm partial to your ride :)
  13. *tear* I love you guys bwawhahaha*my balling*
  14. brothers gotta hug...

    You guys will miss me eh?
  15. where are you goin??I'll miss you... I think I should get your car, I will finish it for you I promise!!
  16. Ah long way for it to go yet...damn things are never done are they? by the way shouldn't you be in the garage looking for your next polishable item :)

    Well I'm off to S.Korea to pick up our little baby visa has come in and FINALLY get to go pick him up with my pudgy little arms and bring him to see his new 88GT. :) Had the keys made the day we received our first picture of him.
  17. Itchy Dave ? :)
  18. had a hat on all day, it's cold here. hair needs some combin'!
  19. :rlaugh:

    I told you about my trip earlier this yr, probably just forgot ::D