How much did you pay for your 96-98 Cobras?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by tahoeboy3, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. here is a pic

    As I said before... I was going to post a pic now that I am home.. can't pass up a chance to show the girl...

  2. paid 16,900 for mine, 27,000 mi. ex. condition. :flag:

    Oh, it was bone stock, lady owned (55yrs old), bought it in sept. of 03.
  3. Total with taxes $28,000 in April 96' for mine brand new. I'll sell it for $50,000
  4. three days ago (wednesday) i paid $8500 for a '96 cobra with 110k miles.he was asking 10k. it has a new transmission a new tri-ax shifter, cobra r's, cowl hood, steeda spoiler, and a (perfect) brand new laser red paint job. the car is in near perfect condition
  5. $11,500 for my 97 with 70k miles from a chevy dealer.
  6. $16,900 97 Vert white/white/tan with 30K miles last April.
  7. 15K. 30,060 miles. Everything that is in the sig was included. Along with a set of American Racing Torque Thrust rims with tires that are on the car and a set of Authentic Chrome Cobra R's with Nittos
  8. In 2000 I paid 17000 for a '96 with 46K on the clock. She's laser red with black interior. Best investment I ever made! Right now she's got 144K on her and is fixing to get an engine rebuild.
  9. I paid 11,500 a couple of months ago for my 1998 with 44.5k on the clock. It had a full stalker body kit, Steeda T/A and pulleys, Bilstein shocks and eibach springs when I got it.

    Dang, cobra_fanatic... 25,000 miles per year on a Cobra? If I have to start driving that much I'm getting me a 1996 Honda Civic to be my daily driver, spare the Cobra some nasty miles.
  10. $19,000 in Feb '02 for my '96. It was in perfect shape. Also had
    13k miles
    FRPP cobra R rims w/ brand new tires
    3.73 gears and
    vortech s-trim installed
  11. :banana: I paid 16250 for my 98 white vert in Jan 2004. It had 46k miles on it, bone stock, one owner no modifications done. Quite happy with my price, still smells factory new inside.
  12. $17.5 in 1999 with 17K miles. What I find interesting is that no one is saying that they bought theirs new.
  13. 12k for my '97 Black on Black Cobra with 46k miles on it. Sweet all around car, but here are some problems that plagued it:

    1)Faded front bumper with bug scars on it
    2)Messed up transmission ($800 worth of work needed)
    3)Dying rear end
    4)Needed new clutch/throwout bearing

    So in the end the car was an "ok" deal.
  14. 12k for my '96 convertible svt w/ 51k miles in March, 2004... After lots of haggling. I'm in Colorado also (little demand because of the snow). I love her, but I'm sure the synchros are bad. Otherwise wonderful.
  15. Bought mine 2 weeks ago for 13,900. 98 atlantic blue convertible with black leather with only 29k miles, excellent condition
  16. red 97 cobra w/ 23k on it for 18,000 three yrs ago from Carmax,
  17. 19K in november of 97, car had 34.5k on her. Got it from a lexus dealer, it was lady owned. I talked to her about the cooling problems right after I passed 36K and out of warranty that next summer. She said it never got hot on her, it damn sure got hot on me.
  18. I paid 13k for my 97 vert last year....white with saddle top and saddle interior..also came with bbk h-pipe and 2 chamber flow masters....ironically the car was a friend of mines that he traded in a year earlier with a faded top...i got the car with the nice new top and his envy for life lol
  19. Paid $10K for 1996 Mystic last summer with 76,000 on the odometer, it now has 80K miles and is for sale at $8000. Email me at [email protected] if interested.
  20. Just picked up a 98 in fantastic condition from a small dealership. They were asking $11,000, I paid $11,500 out the door, tax, license and brand new registration included. The car shows 106000 miles but is in very near perfect condition...not a drop of any liquids showing anywhere underneath and the motor still zooms to 7000 rpm with no effort. I love this car!