How much is insurance on your 03 Cobra?

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  1. I just got a quote for $4400/year. That is about $355/month :eek: I am 24 years old, married, no accidents, my wife has a ticket or two. Not as bad as I expected. I heard someone on MW got quoted $12,000/year! I was told it would not go down much when I get to be 25 either. (USAA)
  2. Wow! I have USAA as well and I pay $386 every 6 months, full coverage. I'm 33 with no tickets or accidents (knock on wood).
  3. :shrug: i thought 2 grand a year on my jeep was bad
  4. I am with usaa as well, and my wife drives a 99 vs stang (my old one) and I just traded in my 98 wrangler on my 03 cobra... and my monthly ins went up about 60/month

    (I am 23 btw....)
  5. I also have USAA, 23, not married.

    My fiancee has her 2002 neon, my 2001 cobra, and my 2001 L on my policy. She has one charble accident on her record right now (not sure does that affect me too then?) and I am paying 610 a month!!!! That also included like 10 bucks a month for renters insurance.

    Does the price drop any when you buy a house? If so how much? We are getting a house soon I hope, so I hope the insurance drops to take some of that load off.

    I thought about trading them both for an 04 cobra so I only had to pay for one insurance and have a small payment.
  6. They said the price would not drop when I bought my house. And they said it would not drop very much when I am 25. Oh yeah, my deductable is $1,000.
  7. I just happen to be an insurance agent here in California. My best bet to you is shop around. A Bulk of that price is mainly on your collision coverage as you are still in that range of young drivers that are likely to be the cause of an accident. Your really not going to see rate decrease based on your age until you hit 30 yrs of age or have 9 years driving experience. Some of the bigger company's will offer you a discount on home/auto insurance depending on what company it is. I've seen people save up to 27% on their total premuim overal with discounts. Also most other company's out their offer discounts for your occupation, Dentist, Lawyers, Engineers, Police officers, etc. Always ask your company if they promote these programs. I know we do and save people up 10-15% based on their occupation. In fact, ask all of their discounts that are available and see if you qualify for any. But like I said, check with more well esablished company's as they do make a difference in price for Home/Auto.
  8. I'm with USAA, and $4400 is rediculous- I'm 28, my wife 26, and she has a couple of tickets- Our six month for $500 deductibles on my 99 Cobra and her 98 Camry is only $888. We do have multiple policies with them, though.

    Anyway, definitely shop around! That quote is rediculous.
  9. Four Grand!!!!!!

    Holy Sh%t
    I have an 03 Cobra and my Girl has an 02 Gt, and combined we pay 900$ every six months. I'm 24 and she's 23. Go figure. :shrug:

    2003 Cobra
    pro 50 shifter
    Mgw Shifter Handle
    Bassani x pipe
    Bassani Catback
    409rwhp dyno jet
  10. Everytime I call a insurance company whether it be progressive, geico, whatever, the quotes are always HALF what USAA is. And I think USAA is pretty much the cheapest insurance company out there. I am not worried about it right now. I wont be able to buy an 03 Cobra until after I save up enough money to pay cash for it, but I was curious because someone was quoted on MW for $12,000 a year and I wanted to see how I compared.
  11. i am 21 years old (married) and insurance for my 99 cobra is 130 full coverage which is cheaper than i pay for my v6 ($150) I dont understand it.
  12. here my quote out here in northeren california, As you know price will very depending on your location, but my quote came out to 2,230 for the year with full coverage deducitble 1,000 including home discount/multiple car discount. 100/300/100
    100/300 uninsured/underinsured motorist
    5,000 medical
    1,000 comp
    1,000 coll
    roadside service included :nice:
    This is on a coupe 03 cobra
  13. P.S.

    Don't mistake full coverage with high limits. A homeowner should carry a minimuim of 250/500/100 in coverage. Everybody else should be carring 100/300/100. That protect you and people you might hurt as well.
  14. ohhh yeah I have 2 speeding tickets also
  15. 26
    one $11,000 claim (comprehensive, flood damage on 300zxTT)
    one $3,000 colision claim (car rolled out of gear into other car, same 300zxTT)

    now have an 03 cobra, a couple scattered tickets.
    179/month, 10 months a year
    That's like $1700 a year or something...

    Full mac-daddy coverage of course
  16. Auto Insurance

    I currently carry Geico and have had them since 99.
    I have a 03 Cobra and pay 315.00 a month w full coverage.
    I have no tickets, 24 yrs old.
    I had an 01 GT w Nitrous that all this happen too:
    (1)I had a fire loss while driving on highway[pay off 14,500.00]
    (2)I had a drunk driver hit me and caught
    (3)A chick on a cell phone hit me and ran
    (4)A truck on I-5(CA) through rocks all over, chips painted, windshield replaced.
    (5)An idiot backed into my car at the movies and took off

    Not one ticket with 5 Mustangs since 98' and I drive a 500rwhp 03 Cobra now that I can't help but to teach lessons to Corvettes

  17. insurance

    I just got a quote for my truck and 04 cobra for 159/month for both. Full coverage and max limits on the coverage. My truck is a 99 S-10 ZR2 that I just paid off so I am pretty happy with the quote. The quote was with multiple cars, credit score, owning a home credits. It was through progressive. I am 28 with no tickets on record.
  18. Hey, you know what happens when we all start talking about tickets and accidents......Noooooo commmmmment
  19. Try State Farm, they were 1/3 the price of my previous insurance company.
  20. USAA is what I have as well and the prices for them are nuts! I'm 20 with one ticket and I pay out the a$$, I'm switching in April to another and they are half the cost each month and have a good rep here in Md.