How much power am I losing?

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  1. You wish.......stop fantasizing...o_O Haven't we been over this already?
  2. Are you talking to yourself on the internet again Mike? :crazy:
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  3. stop projecting all over me
  4. Shut up, I accidently quoted myself. :chin But come to think of it, if there was ever a guy worth quoting, it's me. ( If I don't say so myself that is);)
    I figured what w/ all the electrical power distribution engineers we have here on the board, some of them could look past the oversight.
  5. Good point. W/ epoxy I'd have more than enough time to straighten it out.
  6. exactly. I think you're on the right track.
  7. Can't get anything past this guy! :ninja:
  8. damn, I can't believe I missed this thread over the weekend... f**k me
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  10. I was even playing in your backyard, and you missed it:banana: I mean, you do have a 4.6 don't you?
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  11. Well the gluing idea sucks ass!! When I bought that junk a couple of years ago, I bought a special formulation from GE aerospace that costed me a little over $200.00. Originally I bought that expensive junk, because I needed an Epoxy that was impervious to Methylalcohol. They use this stuff to glue the heat reflective tiles on the space shuttle so it was some serious junk. Dude tells me whatever I do, make sure it is where I want it when that sh it hardens cause it aint coming up after that. I was glueing the fuel rails on the 302 intake manifold for the T/C'd 363, and I needed something that was super strong ( strong enough to keep the fuel rails on at 35 lbs of boost at least). Since it worked so good for that, I figured I'd use it on this particular situation.
    Well,...I musta dribbled some of that junk onto the some part of the hinge assy or somewhere, cause now I can't get the freaking trunk open now!!!! I am wacking the fu ck out!!! If some of the GE epoxy has gotten somewhere it wasn't supposed to be, I'm screwed. How can I get that stupid trunk open now???
  12. I'd recommend soaking it in water.
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  13. Naw naw naw fuc k that! That ain't gonna work! :bang: I put this stuff on a piece of aluminum foil one time, and it wouldn't come off that, regardless of how you crumpled it. That trunk is sealed like a tomb.
    I'm thinking I'm going to have to just go ahead and fill the gap in the trunk closed, and just make it look like I planned it that way.:nonono:
  14. I've worked GE engines. Torch will get it to come off. Definatly a torch, trust me.......

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  15. Well the stuff is temperature resistant to I think 700 degrees. The paint will go way before that. Your solution is like fishing w/ dynamite. I've got to find a way:nonono: Dammit! There has to be a way!!!!
  16. Find a tree next to a cliff, and hang a chain at least 50-75 feet long on the tree. Weld the other end of the chain to the trunk lid. Push car off cliff. That'll open that trunk...:nice:
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  17. troll thread of the year
    *golf clap*
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  18. I've got a turbo impeller/compressor and housing from a GM diesel sitting in my living room behind my couch because I don't have a garage. After reading this thread I'm going to put it in my trunk so when the OP rolls up alongside and asks "Whatcha got?" I can say "Big-ass turbo" and win the race. I won't have to epoxy it because if you ever handled one of these assemblies, they're heavy as f**k.
  19. You don't know this epoxy very well, do you?:nonono: