hsean's project "resto mod"

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  1. I
    the eibach lowering springs (the pro kit )not very happy with the front or back I know they will eventually settle because they're brand new but I may cut a coil off each one or just go with the sport kit
  2. I like black chrome a lot but I am leaning on mirror black just to match my engine bay and custom emblems that I plan to make.
  3. Weird, I dont think I have ever seen a pro kit sit up like that. Hopefully they do settle for you so you dont have to go redoing it.
  4. more interior

    the window bezel and the radio and shifter metal pieces are going to be done in carbon fiber next week i will start on it
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  5. Looks awesome man. Get that thing ready and come hang out at MM in August.
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  6. windshield should be in tomorrow as well as rear hatch glass t-top rubbers and seals installed and glass adjusted everything is almost done should be done in a few weeks with everything or almost everything i don't think these hobbies are ever done.
  7. very close to being done i missed the deadline for registering but mike is a good friend of mine so i don't think it will be a problem
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  8. Wow that is amazing looking. Got any details on the door panels?
  9. Earlier posts showed how I made the bottom section the armrest part was from an 87 as mclaren that I cut a section off of and redesigned to my liking. Anything specific you want to see?
  10. Nope I'll go back and look, thanks!
  11. Did the Pro-kit ever settle or did you cut/replace the springs? Mine sit a little high in my opinion as well. Need another 1" or so lower.
  12. Just took an hour going through the entire thread and just wanted to give you a thumbs up on all the hard work. Everything looks great!
  13. I found out that the springs have to be positioned a certain way .i have yet to do it but will be doing it this weekend
  14. Thanks it has been a lot of work these past 6 years and I still can't believe I'm almost done with it.
  15. Looks good Sam @hsean look forward to seeing it Sunday!

  16. Big THUMBS UP on the build! Can't wait to see it finished.
  17. i drove it for about an hour today a lot of fun i will post pics of it when i detail it and the wheels look great in matte black.
  18. see you sunday
  19. washed her today looking forward to this summer 20150417_192221.jpg