I gotta' throttle body!

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  1. hey thanks for the positive input....by the way i read on their site that the price is 499.00. its 8.5 hp and 8 ft lbs of torque from what ive read. also they have been saying it adds alot of throttle response...which we all know the 05' diffinately lacks.
  2. it looks like rpm outlet is also selling the central coast tb too...interesting.
    MMR has them now too. looks like they are blowin up the joint!
  3. has anyone tried to swap a v6 TB on to a GT? the stock GT TB is 55mm while the V6 TB is 65MM. this could be a great work around if it fits.
  4. Is the V6 TB dual 65mm or single?
  5. The v6 05 stang is a single blade throttle body.
  6. I read a magazine article where they took a Mini Cooper and had it tuned by John Cooper's own shop. Total price of the top package was $26,500 (ON TOP OF THE PRICE OF THE CAR!) and they got an extra 24 ponies out of the little guy.

    Makes the $550/8rwhp seem a better deal eh?
  7. Ordered mine Friday from LFP, can't mention the price but his will be in in about a week and a half.
  8. better deal... yes
    still a waist of money.... yes
    8hp for $500... makes me miss my 5.0 :)
  9. You're kidding right?
    I like the $515 for 100 horsepower much more. :nice:

  10. can someone post a link to
    Central Coast Motorsports
  11. centralcoastmustang.net
  12. actually rpmoutlet is selling their own throttle body through their in-house label Motoblue. Its also a 62mm tb and not a 60mm tb like the CCM one. I dont know which one would be better but they are the same price and are both billet. Anyone have a clue which would be better? The 60mm or the 62mm?

  13. :lol:
  14. yeah...you should call them and see if they accually have it in stock...man, that thing is plain ugly.

  15. Interesting... I could care less if it looks like a cheeseburger. It seems (without seeing a true test) that the 62mm is putting out more power. For $295 and a claim of 12hp, I wonder what it would do on my blown GT. 18hp? 20hp? :D

    EDIT: I just called, they're "out of stock" until the 29th of this month. Sounds like "help desk" people answer the phone as they couldn't answer any questions about performance, etc... :notnice:
  16. ...cheeseburger...

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. R.P.M.outlet.com has a billet twin 62mm t.b. available for $499.99 made by motoblue on their site. Looks nice but a little pricey.
  18. Well I figure I already have something under the hood that looks like a hair dryer..... :shrug: :rlaugh:
  19. Picked mine up this past week from LFP. Here's some pics.