I gotta' throttle body!

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  1. talked to steeda&diablo then accufab today about these and all three say the same thing,8.5 hp,8 lbs. of tq.for the 500.00 they want its not worth it.it looks good and comes in dark blue,black, and polished,but its in the eyes of the beholder.accufab may do one in the future,but said not till they came make good hp&tq,better than 8.5&8 :shrug: :nono:
  2. The one from rpmoutlet is in fact 60 and not 62 mms. I measured.
  3. I concur, they are not worth $500.00, however if you shop around as I did, you'll pay alot less than $500. Why do you need AccuFab, Diablo, and Steeda to inform you you if something that you wanna buy is worth installing on your car?

    Listen, Accufab's full of BS and I'll tell you why. 8.5hp is objective to the customer making the purchase, whether that's $300, $400, or $500 is in the eye of the beholder. Sencond point on AccuFab, I used to own a 01 Lightning prior to my GT and AccuFab has the biggest selling Throttle Body with the published gains being <b>8HP</b>. IMO, thier all going to be on the band wagon, it's just those vendors havn't released theirs yet so of course you should "Hold Off".

    Having said all that, if 8.5 HP on a stock GT seems attractive to you then shop around, I did. I got LFP's 62mms version for alot less than $500, took me 10 minutes to install, throttle responce is GREATLY Improved, it pulls much harder and I'm sure it equals HP and TQ somewhere but I havn't put it on a dyno yet.

    I'll be heading to Strictly Performance as soon as I can. But also remeber, a dyno isn't the end all and do all. Sometimes it shows up at the track and is dead on the dyno, speaking from personal experience from my 01 Lightning having many dyno pulls. Case in point, I put a Torque converter on my Lightning and picked up 2/10's at the track, but it didn't show up on the dyno.
  4. Agreed! You should expect a dealer to stand behind published numbers with Dynos, but sometimes what you feel may be more so than what a simple test would show. Sometimes the "Butt-O-Meter" is more representative of real life than a Dyno run. The numbers 1300+ feet after the tree are the ones some of us are more interested in anyway.
  5. Hey FartBoy, you working with Andre on your tunes ?

  6. Hey Fartboy, any details on the install? Did you have to do anything out of the ordinary? I am also ordering this TB from LFP. Did you get this one from Andre here in Houston?
  7. My tuning is done through LFP who is partners with Andre. I bought my TB directly from LFP, but I believe Andre's offering a pretty good deal on them too.

    Followed the instructions, direct bolt on, use common sense and go.
  8. PLease let us know the stats from S.P. I am the one working with Andre on the Group Buy and would like to be able to post your dyno results. Is that ok ?

  9. 2005RedGT---- please do not mention anything about a group buy. it got the other thread closed down. i would like to keep this thread going.....

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  10. Not to be a smart-ass, but I only said I am the one "working" it. I did not say where or how, etc. Hell, it is not even on this forum.

  11. i know i saw it on that other forum. you posted about it in another tb thread here, but it got deleted. i just wanted to point it out in case you did not know why the other thread is gone. i asked duner about it, and he said to ask people to refrain from the group buy posts.....
  12. Thanks delurker.....I took my time with the same machine screws....Your right, they are a pain in the arse to get out....
    I noticed if you turn them a couple times and don't allow them to get too hot they will come out with the torx driver....I'd start one and move to another and remove them a little at a time, working on all of them out at the same time....

    Why they need an inch of thread and locktite is beyond me....

    I purchased the anodized black T.B. from LFP and I like the results....thanks for the speedy shipping Mark.

  13. What is the difference between these throttle bodies that everyone is talking about in this thread compared to this one right here:



    And this one is only $100, not $300 or $500.
  14. That's only a throttle body spacer, not an actual throttle body.

  15. Yeah i figured that out, makes sense, thanks!