1. I tell ya I am ready to sell the house, move to somewhere inland from the Gulf Coast, and set up a mobile home and a pole barn and tell teh snow and ice to kiss it.

    All I want is a base of operations big enough to hold all my computer gear, have broadband, cable TV, bed, bath, microwave, sink, running water and A/C.

    The rest of the money goes into the pole barn and stocking it chock full of Mustangs and parts. I already have the tools.

    Women get so fussy about 2.3L engines and engine stands and engine hoists sitting in the living room. At least the compressor and tool box are in the corner. Ahhh the day when I will finally have a garage
  2. I think snow isn't that bad.. I just hate the cold temperature.. I'm having fun with the stang in the snow.. except on highspeed road.. but it is not always fun.. but we are still able to deal with it! :)
  3. I use bf googrich winter slaloms with no weight in the back and it wors great-By the way since january first we have had over 65 inches of snow.

  4. Yeah you can.. and I am the perfect exemple.. but don't talk about pavement(sidewalk), or other car :nonono:
  5. Gators are fun.
  6. Yeh, speically when you live in the middle of nowhere, out in the open-flatland
  7. bah, buncha floridan pansies. Drivin a mustang in the snow is nothin but fun. :p

    You need some tall and narrow SNOW specific tires with aggressive tread ("all season" tires with MUD AND SNOW stamped on a sidewall like a ricer would put a sticker on a honduh do not count!!). Couple hundred pounds in the rear footwells puts lots of weight on the rear axle without taking any off the front. Winter blades (rubber wrapped to keep ice out) on the windshield wipers clean the windshield more effectively. Splash guards keep crap from getting flung all over the car and rotting out the body panels. And then the way you drive is the most important consideration but I'm probably already boring y'all :D

    Nothin quite like holding the throttle wide open on a 4 banger and fishtailing through 2 inches of slush @ 45mph. It's also fun drifting around every street corner and spinning the rear around for parking purposes. :banana:

    The stuff does get in the way a bit sometimes. Ah what a memorable moment last Sunday was. After cruizin by mickey d's to pick up a few rather inadequately sized cheeseburgers I head up to my dad's shop cuz he said he would prolly be down there to work around 11. Nope, not open for business. So I try to get up the driveway to the house to get his ass out of bed. Unfortunately, after the recent thaw and current freezing weather the driveway was now a nicely polished sheet of ice. The freakenstang gets around just fine in up to 6" snow but that thing don't go nowhere on ice. I made a second effort with a half-assed head start that consisted of me slipping the clutch in 1st at 700rpm and breaking the tires loose anyways and sitting there waiting for things to get going. So I try to get up the other driveway (the whole drive is one big circle about a half mile long with a neighbor or two) which goes downhill slightly before proceeding up a nice steep incline... Unfortunately it hadn't been plowed and I should of hit the brake when I saw a pile of snow pushed up there by the plow. But you see, when things don't happen like they ought it leads to frustration which leads to anger which leads to acts of incredible stupidity. I mashed the accelerator to the floor and the rest is history. Crashed through the snow pile and headed downhill in a half foot to a foot of hard snow, till I reached the point that it began to turn back uphill and that was it. Apparently there was about 2 inches of ice underneath all the snow and the car simply was not budging one way or the other. So there I sat for a moment wondering if melting down all those lead battery terminals for a hobby was affecting my ability to reason in any way. :nonono: Then I set out on the long trek for the gool ole Ford 515 industrial tractor with a 9' plow rigged to the loader and a hefty 7' Blizzard snowblower hanging off the back and tire chains that ice don't slow down. Ok it was only some 700 feet but when you're in your T-shirt with the west wind blowing across the open expanse of frozen godforsaken redneck territory it seems alot longer. Get in the tractor and turn it over. The little diesel cranks like it's filled with molasses. Nope, not gonna happen, so I plugged in the block heater and went back to the top of the hill and looked at the deep ruts leading all the way to the little red mustang sitting in the middle of nowhere and figured it would be a good photo op if I had only brought the digicam. So back in my car I'm just sitting there munching on cheeseburgers with the heater going and looking out into the scenic woods before me pondering the origin of the cosmos. Dug up a little bible book I had and started reading about the meek inheriting the earth. I need to get a more interesting book for times like these. :p An hour later I went back and fetched the tractor, started right up, let it warm up a bit then headed off to do business with mother nature. I made short work of the offending white stuff but the ice was still there and the car refused to move, so I maneuver the tractor in front of it and use brute force. Which resulted in the destruction of the front license plate, it looks better that way anyways. :D Then I tried to move the car again, which quickly dug into the light layer of snow and found the ice again and refused to move. At this point my father and the dog show up wandering down the hill to see what the holiday's all about. Apparently someone reported his tractor stolen which in these redneck parts is a very very serious offense. :lol: After a brief exhance in which I insisted that the incredible little freakenstang would be just fine on its own, he puttered off in the tractor and I again tried to move without budging an inch. So I just took it out of gear and sat there holding the accelerator to the floor watching the little fourbanger peg the stock 6000 RPM tach and listening to that deafening FLOWMASTER tone until dad showed up again to see what was pissing the neighbors off. In the end he just pushed me up the hill with the snowplow. Oh well, at least the shop was open now. :banana: Then he informed me that in spite of the remarkable stunt I had pulled, I was invited to dinner so I had to get up to the house anyways. I went down the road a ways and got up a good 40mph head start and careened back into the driveway nearly taking out the mailbox and dad pulled right behind me in the trusty 1.5 civic. I made it nearly to the crest from sheer momentum then went near sideways so he got up behind me with the honda and pushed me the rest of the way up. When a honda has to push you out of the way you know you're having a bad day. :owned:

    so hows that for a first post?? I'll keep it short from here on in I promise!! :D