I know you guys have all heard about the movie "The Passion of the Christ".

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  1. I've seen a pre-release of it and wanted to recommend it.

    Stangnet members that are Christians, please go see it. Ignore the press crap where they have tried to spin it as anti-semitic. That's not true and the only thing they could obviously come up with. There's no hate or finger pointing towards any race in it.

    On the other hand, it follow's the Bible exactly. No weak links in it. It could be the tool to reach this generation of TV and movie watchers that no longer reads or is willing to pick up and read the Bible for themselves.

    I urge my Christian brothers to see it. I believe it will make all of us more hardcore Christian's when we see the power and strength that Jesus Christ had when He spent 33 years on earth as a man.

    You other stangnet buds that haven't taken the time to consider Jesus Christ actually dying for us to show us there is a more perfect way, I ask you most sincerely to go see it. It's a worthy 2 hours. The most important movie I've ever seen. It is tough to watch, it's not entertainment, but it may be the source God uses to show you what He was willing to do for you. His free, simple way to allow your escape of the sin nature we humans have carried since the beginning of time when Satan tricked Eve to consider God was a liar.

    And just to toss in the king of all verses: John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life. :hail2:
  2. Subtitles suck.
  3. After years of watching subbed anime and foreign films, subtitles are second nature.
  4. I plan on seeing this weekend sometime. Should be a great film
  5. I'll probably buy it if it comes out on DVD... I'm looking forward to seeing it if its more realistic than most of the ridiculously dramatic bible movies out there.
  6. I'll probably see it with my girl. I doubt it'll be life changing though, I know the story.
  7. You won't even notice the subtitles once it starts. Actually after you get into it, it's so authentic it'd be weird if it was in English.

    I think it will be life changing for some people, but like you said, more likely those not acquainted w/ the story.

    You guys let me know what you think. I was blown away by it.
  8. I didn't know it had subtitles. Do they speak in hebrew?
  9. Hebrew & Aramaic I believe are the languages. All sounded the same to me though :D . After you see it I think you'll agree it's better the way they chose not to do it in English. I'll look forward to hearing what you think.
  10. I will be extremely offended if it is at all misleading from the truth. I sceptical of Mel Gibsons intentions
  11. Latin and Aramaic, actually.

  12. Well you've got nothing to worry about then.

    Again let me mention ignore the press and their spin on it. If you are skeptical, go to the Passion website and read about Mel Gibson's conversion to Christ. Or, go to any of the true evangelical leaders of our time, Billy Graham, James Dobson, etc. and read what they have to say about the movie. Just don't be guilty of judging it before you've seen it.
  13. Ok, I will give a a fair try. Christ's sacrifice is difficult for me. None of us are worthy and yet he did this for us. Watching that even in its truest is hard
  14. I like that Latin gibberish, sounds like an interesting movie.
  15. Hard to fathom sometimes here too.

    The movie was amazing. I have never been moved by a movie in the way that this one did.

    The 4 Most moving points in the movie for myself:
    1. When Jesus was making the table laughing and joking with his mom. That just touched me. I have always been a firm believer that Jesus was a fun loving guy. Not some downtrodden guy that a lot of pictures and movies like to precieve him as.

    2. When Peter was forced to carry the cross and said. Just remeber that I am an innocent man forced to carry the cross of a condemed man. That really put it in perspective for me. That Christ was the innocent one bearing the cross for my condemed soul. That one hit me pretty hard.

    3. When the thief on the cross believed and asked Jesus to remember him when he gets to heaven. That right there my firends was the first christian. and it goes to show that all you need to do i believe that Christ died on the cross for you. All that other stuff doesn't really matter. All you need to do is believe.

    4. When Jesus pupil diolated. WOW what a chill i got. Just a feeling of sheer rejoice and thankfulness that Jesus Christ endured all of that for me just so that i would not have to.
  16. Just saw the movie lastnight at 8pm, it was sold out by 2pm that day...i guess alot of people are going too see this movie. I had heard alot about the passion, seen a few clips and trailers, but let me tell you there is seriously nothing like it. If you come out of that movie without a better understanding or appriciation knowing that This is a True story, then i pray for your heart too not be to hard, to the point of no return. believer and non believer alike were awe struck yesterday evening, 5 mins into the movie, you could hear a pin drop, but you didnt hear a pin drop in that movie, only people gasping and crying at the reality of the cross. Go see it, make your own call , but atleast give it your attention, and know this...He loved you before you loved him, gave up his life while we were spitting in his face,
    no great love does a man have than this, than to lay down his life for his friends...
  17. Preaching to the choir, huh?
  18. I'm an Agnostic and even I thought it was an excellent film. I don't want to get into religious conversation but from a strickly movie-oriented view...i thought it was a great film.

    It still doesn't change my views on organized religion though...

  19. organized "religion" bites hard. Religion is a set practices for the most part...a real "christian" is nothing more than someone who has asked God into there heart, ask for his Free forgiveness, and his FREE gift of eternal life. those Gifts are free, becuase of what you saw in the Passion, Jesus paid our way(w00t!).

    Encouraging the choir, reading a book usualy is better than seeing the movie..but sometimes (rarely) someone accurltly depicts what the book describes, and it allows to you better apriciate what the book was dipicting with words. Try it, read the descrptions in the bible , then see the movie...and then we will talk :)
  20. What Woodster said exactly.