I know you guys have all heard about the movie "The Passion of the Christ".

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  1. For a few reasons, to get people to think on there own and not go on "well i heard somewhere the bible is full of contradictions, therefore it is!" ..he said go ahead ask a question, were not hiding anything here. If the bible is wrong (which i know its not) then i say prove it, if the bible is right, wouldnt you want proof?

    Why would satan mess with what already works? Mass media and the general public already push the envolpe at thumbing their noses at God, removing Him from documents, court rooms, skools....Satans best trick is to let people think he is not real. "God says" (meaning through the Holy spirit inspired word..aka the Bible) Satan is out to rob, kill, and destroy....if you planned an attack in 2004 or in 1994 or 1954 or 1430 ...keep going back, whats the best advantage of anyone attacking? Suprise.
    I do have a recomendation though as far as reading goes, if you want to come close to understanding satans mindset, read "the Screwtape letters" by C.S. Lewis. There is no human on satans side as of now....he doesnt have a "side" he wants you dead, and buring in hell with him. And no...it wont be a giant bbq with all your buddies....everyone i believe knows (or atleast understands partially) what hell consist of....why else would you tell someone you dont like to "Go to hell!" ?
    140bud is right, we dont deserve the gift Jesus set in place for us, heaven...we dont deserve it, we all suck, but through Christ and his love we are redeemed, not of ourselves. You see we have all fallen short of the mark, i sin all the time, i get mad through out a few bad words at random bad drivers, or when things dont go my way i do whatever to make them right....I sin, 140 sins, 140'sbud sins(and Drives a chevy...im sure thats a sin some how ;) jk) , everyone here does...thats life, but thats not all there is to life.
  2. Hee Hee Crovax, knowing that was from you and knowing you as well as I do this makes me laugh. I hope you ask me this again when you are crashing at my place next month.

    Point is, I want everyone to check into things themselves and find out the authenticity of the Bible - and I don't mean by asking some weirdo "scholar" his opinion. I mean by researching information about it - just like I did. I researched all the pro's and con's, for's and against's, read it, looked for discrepancies in the pro's and con's arguments. What I found out is the Bible over the centuries time and again has alway's been challenged and has alway's stood on it's own and never been toppled or proven incorrect. If it had been, well it would be dead now and the debate closed. Establishing whether the Bible is the Words of God, and establishing whether or not God is a liar or not, whether He exists - is something I think should be key to anyone that has ever considered the question.

    If you don't check into what is true because you are not concerned about your eternity and the future - well God won't force you. He's laid it out for us, He's provided us with His word. He put's the questions to us to consider and provides evidences for us constantly. He promises in His word no man can die before deciding where he stands, with Him or rejecting Him. If you were on an island since birth, survived and never spoke a language or was in contact with anyone ever, the Bible say's even then He professes Himself to you. No man or woman can ever go to their deathbed and not be aware of God and the decision He requires of them. I believe that completely. Everyone I have met has alway's made a decision about where they stand and what they expect from their future and what is real or not. Some are fierce and angry over it, some are complacent.

    The only reputable source we have for Satan, his doings, past, future, quotes, actions all come from the Bible, but evidence of evil (selfishness when it's boiled down) is evident around us no denying. Non-believers take solace in evolution, that this is just a natural event of selection - the strong will survive, the weak will become extinct, it's all a filtering mechanism as we continue to evolve into a greater species. They maintain we have no soul and when we die we are done. It's over. That is anti-God.

    The Bible say's differently. God created a perfect earth and perfect man. There was war in heaven when Satan rebelled. He was going to set himself above God and reign. That's laughable because how can the created fight against the creator? Satan was cast out. Things were no longer perfect, yet earth was still pristine. Satan tricked Eve, Adam disobeyed God and went along with Eve. God told Adam he would no longer be perfect and we and the earth would begin to degenerate. Entropy sat in, a natural law that cannot be changed. Some animals and man became carnivores. Life is work to survive. Animals and plants have been going extinct since this happened. Events recorded in God's word like the Flood answer many questions as to why we have buried petroleum made up from buried vegetation and animal matter. There is great evidence and a site and the remains of the ark in Turkey. The Tower of Babel explains the many languages we have (a great foundation and ruins remains of this). Pangea (the name used by scientist's of the one great continent before the continents split apart), is called Peleg in the Bible. And the Bible say's clear as can be, that there was one great continent even before science declared what they considered to be great news and a fresh breakthrough not to far back that there was one great continent. The Bible has stated since written that the earth revolved around the sun, but all during the dark ages this was laughed over. It's been known for several centuries that this was true. Dinosaurs, "Behemoth" and "Leviathon" are discussed in great length in Job 40 and 41 and other dinosaurs mentioned in many other verses. In the Bible, Man lived at the same time. In museums, we have footprints of humans and Dinosaurs frozen in the same fossils.
    Interesting note, no missing link has ever been found showing humans from lower forms during evolution although that would be the chief find many scientist have spent a career searching for. Further a study I read mentioned that we should be literally tripping over them at a rate of 4 thousand to 1 to each dinosaur skeleton found. This is because to evolutionist - man came many, many millions of years after the dinosaurs, very few dinosaurs bones have been able to survive the milleniums of their theory of time, and the fresher missing links should be very "recent" in comparison. Missing links should be an easier find as they populated more area of the earth than any of the different types of dinosaurs. Yet none have been found. Who's to say many of the primitive tools and paintings found in caves weren't done by kids out playing? Or w/ their Dad's on camping trips w/ them all just having fun? That's what I did when I was a kid and that's the kinda stuff me and my boy do now. There's a concrete drainage tunnel where me and my buds 25 years ago painted a snake and other stuff and it's still there and in good shape and pretty primitive looking. :D
    As to accuracy of the Bible detailed information is available showing the Bible has stayed extremely accurate to the original author of any particular book in the Bible. We have information and records on how this was done - thanks to the Hebrew people in particular and later to Roman record keeping. All the figures of the Bible are known to exist, historical records for them is available outside of the Bible. There were 40 some authors that wrote books of the Bible over a span of around two thousand years - and all the prophecies and all their writings jibe with each other, no discrepancies, no backpedaling. Some had read other portions before they were compiled as a group, but some were contemporary with each other and writing at the same time and did not know the other, yet no discrepancy. There are prophecies that explained events now past, the coming of Jesus and His crucifixtion and resurrection, and the future. The last book of the Bible, Revelation tells us how the world will end. Roman records show the author of this book, John who was the youngest disciple and the only one that died of old age and wasn't martyred for his beliefs was put into the colliseum twice to be killed publicly as a great celebration. Once he was lowered into a vat of boiling oil. As the fire raged below, and the oil boiled in the large vat, he began singing hymns and lifted his arms and eyes to heaven and began praising God and praying aloud. The crowd went silent and many were converted! The Ceasar had him pulled out and rushed back to his cell. This isn't even mentioned in the Bible - this is from Roman historical documents. Many many Christians survived the colliseum's miraculously and we have historical records of it - and these things are not mentioned in the Bible. You can read the research in the FOXES BOOK OF MARTYR'S and other sources. The second time they poisoned John - nothing happened again. So they banished him to the isle of Patmos for a time, where God in a vision laid out the future and end of the earth as we know it. John is legit, he loved Jesus, he cared for Jesus' mother until her death. The miracle's of his not being able to be killed are documented in history by non-Christians that sought to prove the Bible wrong, ignore it and prove Jesus was not God.
    I hope that helps.
  3. But do we have to disprove?
    When was it proven?
  4. through prophesy, People ask (and always have i might add) "what happens when i die", the Bible tells you, since no one here can say "well i died, the bible was right, i came back to tell you" the scripture lines up prophecy with things that happend/happen within our life span that are true, in order to gain credit. I'd say the christian faith works like this , 99.9% proven fact and .1% faith. God showed us everything else, even the ending of the world as we know it, but it wouldnt be called "faith" if you could see it all. If you have a girlfriend or anyone close to you that says "i love you" and they do things on a day to day basis that show they love you, you can begin to believe them right? God works in a similar (alot higher than my megar understand mind you) fashion, he showed you through Jesus and the cross his love, he showed you he knows whats gonna happen to this world, gave specific examples years before it happend....then they happen, now he has proven himself credible, now you go on faith belief that the rest of his words are true aswell. The bible has withstood the test of time, its not FDIC insured... Its GOD SECURED. Governments crumble, banks changes names, go out of business, men come and go, promises are made , some kept ,other broken, But Gods word remains true....many many many years after it was written, even though the whole time satan has been attacking it with "mans knowledge"...trying to disprove it...Goes to show its worth investigating dont you think?
  5. Crap this thread is still alive :D People plz limit your post to one paragraph so my A.A.D can read it ;)

    God/Jesus is not wrong, its that man in is wrong. Think about it who is putting the bible to gather from the dead sea scrolls? Man who is imperfect right :rolleyes: Heck the bible its self is incomplete there are at least 7 books so fair left out of the King James version as well as how many uncompleted scrolls that are being piced to gather. I could go on about that but I'm just saying you have to research it a lot to make sure what you reading is right. Also the Roman Catholic church has a few books that they refuse to admit to and let people read.

    Its great that people out here do good things but they MUST come from the heart and are compeled to do them on there on free will. The God says," Do not do things to gain favor in my eyes." (based on K James bible).

    The most unforgiveable sin is to turn your back on God ! I'm not going to set here and tell you your going to hell and this or that religon is right. I will tell you that if you don't research it than you will never know if Christans are right or wrong. Those who do not sit down with a bible and try and prove it wrong or right are nothing but a weak minded FOOL.

    I think if a person believes there is a devil or satan than they believe in Jesus. ( what ever religon your in). Think about it if there was only satan wouldn't the world be more crapy than it is? There wouldn't be a St Judes hostpital for kids with cancer, are rainbows in the sky :shrug: Anyone with the IQ of .0001 could see there is a war of Good vs Bad happing inside each and everyone of us and its up to each and everyone of us to decide on whos side to be on. If you think I'm wrong then remember what I said why is it not one sided, why is there both good and bad in the world we live in :shrug:
  6. I can't help you there, you will just have to look it up and see ;)
  7. The Satan says, STFU and neve rpost in this thread again!

    Sorry guys. I'm anti-god remember. :(
  8. Searching out if His word is true (or false have you) doesnt mean your anti-God. Seek and you shall find, take your time, do it now or do it later...no one is forcing you, just saying dont lock your mind or heart before see/hearing the whole truth. You see this isnt the kind of "pressure" you get when your buying something from a store, this is the kind that goes like ...no one knows when they are going to die, so its good to know where your going just incase its not in 85 years after you've lived a full life. If speed kills , buy a chevy and live forever :rlaugh: (man im gonna get it for that one! :D )
  9. Some people are very child like in mannor :rolleyes: I bet if I said God is boring and don't exist blah blah then they would be the opisit of what they are. You know what I mean the old I will rebel against anyone childish mentallity. The next problem some people have that keeps them from God other than that and fear is pride. They work to long and hard on there B.S life style that it would make them look like fools to there friends if they all of a sudden started believing in God. Would it be a waste to loose those friends who do not believe in God and the money spent to support so called musicans who clearly support a God alright called satan :shrug: I have made this change in my life and I have found more peace now than I ever did in my old life. It sux starting all over but when you start getting arrested for stupid crap are your friends find them selves in jail for killing people, you know something has to give. The saddest thing I learned from this life style is that guy most people worship called Santa Clause in a Trade Mark of Coke Cola :( Thats right he was made up by Coke Cola to help sell cokes right at 100 years ago. Now you see why so many peole think Chrismas is about him, how many people you see that is old enough to remember that? So after a while its like that guy said we are all hypocrits or was at one time anyways. I saw Chrismas stuff on the Wal-Mart shelf last month from Coke Cola :( The hardest thing is that even if you use Santa as a Demi God to get your kids ready for God you've done nothing but tought him/her how to lie :( Think about it you sat here and said if your good the lie will bring you gifts :rolleyes: Its so true what that guy said about pagon holiday but my favorite one is Valentines Day and how the pictures of the heart you see came to look like they did :D If girls only knew they would probly get ticked off everytime that day rolls around :D
  10. :chair: :D Woodster - I will continue to pray for you and James as you walk in the darkness - of Ford ownership. :D
    Well - the bible claims differently itself. 2 Timothy 3:16 - All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness

    Just a note.
  11. Points finger at 140....."Friends dont let friends drive chevys!"