I need a new Webhost Suggestions?

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  1. Well, I graduate college on may 8th and shortly after i will lose my Free College webhost and i am gonna need another. Any suggestions? I like being able to remote link pictures like i do no so something with remote linking is prefered and the less ads the better. My site isnt that big so huge amounts of space isnt a issue....... While on the subject of my graduation, Does anyone work in broadcasting or know anyone that is that needs a fresh out of college expirenced television Broadcaster. I have done various positions on my local PBS news from camera op to Director, and i have also produced 2 short documentarys and co produced many other things. I need a job so i can build this motor up. :nice:

  2. messed with a few servers...this has been the most straight forward one yet...prices are pretty good aswell.


    Sorry, i dont have any openings for you....lol if only i had a company ;)