I will never be done with my car.

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  1. Well, I finally have some progress on mine atleast after stripin the entire brake system out of the car. I spent this afternoon pulling the rear-end out. Sanded and repainted the leafspring plates that bolt to the axle with u-bolts, will start sanding and repainting the rearend tommorow hopefully.
  2. Thats good to hear. Now I'm interested in your progress too. Maybe we can help each other through this ordeal, you know, mutual support.

    I'm just now getting mine to run decent again from the fuel problem I discussed earlier in this thread. Finally, after a new fuel tank kit, filters, new carb (had it for 3 yrs but never installed, left over from another project), some timing and carb tuning, and its now running good enough to drive it again, but not as good as it was before.

    My current plan is to drive it as much as I can this summer, then this fall I'm going to put it in the garage that we cleaned out at my wife's disabled grandmother's house and take it down to bare metal and do body work, so me and a bud can paint it Azure Blue, with a semi flat black taillight panel. I'm going to paint everything except the front clip because it mostly just needs to be replaced. So my goal is for this time next year to have a nice paint job except for the front fenders, hood, and headlight buckets.
  3. Glad to hear yours is running again:nice: and you can take it for a spin :nice: :nice: . I got the rear brake drums sanded/painted, the leaf spring plates and u-bolts, rear leaf spring shackles which was a P.I.A. to get off the car. The rear end is disconnected except for the e-brake cables and sitting on jack stands underneath the car. Will probably just leave them connected and sand/paint the rearend where it sits to make things easier. Can't wait to get my suspension kit so I can start re-assembling everything and oh ya still waiting for my break line as well:mad: :notnice:

    AAtleast I can see some progress though all be it very small and slow :nonono:
  4. I think your right, if you have everything else disconnected except the e-brake cables (they are a P.I.A. too) you should just paint it like it is.
  5. I did my restoration in four years. It was a lot of work but when I look back it was best time I ever had. I know that right now you just want it to look good and be done, but trust me you will wish it would not have gone by so fast. Driving it and going to car shows are fun, but not as much fun as crawling under that car and rebuilding the suspension.
  6. That's what I'm working on right now. I have to redo the suspension for it to be safe to drive on the road, I found the bands that clamp around the leaf springs broken except for one on each side.

    What suspension set-up did you use on your car?:shrug:
  7. Dude, I'd be happy if I could drive mine. In fact, the last time I drove it, StangNet didn't exist!!! I believe the last time I drove it was '93 or '94, broke the 3rd member at the track, trailered it back to my buddies shop, drove it a mile home, pulled the 3rd member the next day and took it to his shop. When he loosened the caps, after removing the pinion, the pinion bearing fell out with the cast metal that was holding it in. The spider gears were welded up and it was just a 3.00 gear, so I tossed it. My race 289 ended up going in a buddies '69 R-code that we raced and the car started coming apart for a restoration, got married and the dream stakked.

  8. I went with the "GRAB-A-TRAK" 67-70 kit, It drops it about .75 in. I think its a good kit feels solid when driving down the road.
  9. Do you have the grab a trak shocks or did you get kyb's ? I'm looking at a grab a trak kit but not sure if I should upgrade to the kyb shocks or not.
  10. Well I finally finished sanding the rear end this morning. Started spraying on the paint this afternoon, have to let the paint dry now. I'll check it in the morning and see if there's any spots that need to be touched up. Waiting till I get all my new suspension parts and bolt the leaf springs in and reattach the axle then I'll disassemble the brake parts and paint the brake shields and end of the axle tubes that are taped off and un-painted currently.
  11. I checked my rear-end this morning, the paint looks good.:D I ordered my suspension this morning from Mustangs plus, it should be here by this Thursday hopefully.

    This is what I ordered https://www.mustangsplus.com/xcart/product.php?productid=1531&cat=2342&page=1
    upgraded the rear springs to the 4 1/2 leaf mid eye springs which should lower the car 1" to match the front. :rolleyes: I'm still waiting for my brakelines though :mad: :mad: and running out of things I can do to the car to get it up and running while I wait:notnice:
  12. And here I am looking at new 1974 Hurst/Olds project thinking "I'll never get this restored"....

    Keep at it!!!!
  13. I don't believe that at all ^^^^^^ You've got some kick a** cars!:nice: I just hope mine turns out as nice:shrug:
  14. 68stang351,

    Any new updates with your car? :shrug: Or are you to busy out cruising that pony since it's back up and running?:lol:
  15. No updates. It drives, but I still have some bugs to work out. Its real sluggish when its at full throttle. It really makes me mad because I drove this car for 4 or 5 years and it ran so good. I can't get it to run like that again. I put a new carb on it but put the metering rods and springs from my old one in it and its better but still not quite the same.

    I won't have money to do anything else to it for a while, but I think I'm going to be able to manage to get a weatherstripping kit for it this summer. I also need to fix the sagging drivers side door. I'm doing all this so I can paint it this fall hopefully.
  16. Well, not all those cars! They are more of the cars I have had. I'll come up with a new pic soon for my sig.

    The ex got the Mach, Chepie (the 69 vert) was sold for the Cobra, and the DCVER (68 Conv) went a long time ago.

    The current team cars of "Team Chepsk8" are Cobrask8, HOsk8, ZX2sk8 (Deanna's DOHC Escort XZ-2 - quick little bugger!)
  17. Working on a project car is like riding a Harley. It's all in the ride to get there. Once you've arrived all the fun is gone, so enjoy it while you can!
  18. Did you post that to make me feel better? Its making me sad man! It looks like you're really doing it right though, it should be very nice when you're done. It will be worth it!
  19. hah sorry if it did...i was sad when i made it and still am lol every day i see it i wish i had a fat bank account so i could just get it done.. but with time comes happiness :D

    However i plan on editing it sooner or later with the rest of the rebuild.