I will never be done with my car.

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  1. Did you ever check out my cardomain site... it was very infomative and now that I actually am starting on it (I had the windshield installed last weekend) so I hope to get some updates on the page... almost 2 years later.
  2. Yeah that video is a bit depressing. Unfortunately I don't have the money to go that deep into a full on resto like that. I would post a few pics but all mine are too large and I don't know how to down size them for the site.
  3. Thats a sweet car! If you're in Flower Mound then you're not too far from me (compared to everyone else on Stangnet anyway).
  4. I finally got my brake line Tuesday, haven't had time to try to install it yet though. Hopefully I'll get my suspension kit tommorow and start throwing everything back together.
  5. How's it been going Izzy? I've been fighting with a problem on the 04, my DD, so I haven't had time to mess with my 68. I may start driving it more though if I can't figure out my 04 problem. My wife will have to drive the fox and I'll drive the 68 I guess until we get it figured out. Man that's hard on gas though.
  6. nice pickup! that should look real real nice :D
  7. Very Very slow, my suspension kit hasn't got here yet, it was shipped ups ground and isn't showing to be delivered until munday:mad::notnice::shrug:
    Still have to pull the driveline and clean it up so it doesn't look so crappy next to my freshly painted rear end, new shocks/leafsprings when I finnally get them. I got my brakeline finally but it's the wrong one still, think I'll just cut it and reflare it to make it work so I can set the rear of the car back down onto my trailer before I raise the front end up and remove the wheels etc to work on the front end/brakes.

    On the plus side my friend that owns a parts store gave me some trans shifter bushing for free to fix my shifter:nice::nice:

    Also just found out that my friend sold his 66 FB GT clone that i've been begging to buy for the last 8yrs for $1500:mad::(:nonono: It was 100% restored but the frontend got burnt in a fire and it had been parked, eng firewall back was untouched.:shrug::(
  8. Well UPS finally dropped off my suspension kit last night at 8:30. Now I have to find some time and the energy to start putting this stuff together. And hopefully one step closer to being able to drive again, this poor pony's been in the stable for 16yrs now, it needs to go out and stretch it's legs and run for awile.
  9. Still haven't got my suspension installed yet. I can't get the stupid front leaf spring bolts to come out. I don't have any money to buy a sawsall or die grinder with a cutoff wheel to cut the bolts out so it looks like it will have to wait until july when I have more time and money.
  10. That sucks. Too bad you don't live closer, I would let you borrow mine anytime.
  11. unfortunately time is my enemy right now. I have a buddy that was going to let me use his cutoff wheel but he's out of town until this weekend and I'm leaving for a month this thursday.
  12. Well finally some more progress on my pony!! Thanks to my mother/father in-law I now have a sawsall and cut out the front leaf spring bolts this morning and got my new leafs mounted up. Now I just need to get the shocks swapped out and finnish cleaning up the driveline and a few odds-n- ends and move to the front of the car.
  13. some more minute progress to my car, I finally got the gears in my head turning tonight and thought of a way to remove my old shocks. Everytime I tried to loosen any of the nuts the whole shock would turn and not loosen. I put a c-clamp around the top and let it wedge against my exhaust pipe and vice grips on the bottom and removed the top nut, then removed the bottom nut and wa la shock removed!!

    Ran out of daylight so new shocks have to wait till tommorrow
  14. got my shocks installed on the rear today finally, still need to clean up the driveline and readjust the rear brakes so I can bleed them off after reinstalling the brakelines/mastercylinder of course.
  15. quick update.

    All I had time to do today was to install my new brake lines going across the rear axle and jacked the front end of the car up alittle higher and placed 4"thick concrete blocks under the front jack stands to allow more room under the car, still have to raise the rear and then hopefully I can install the brake line from the dist block to rear axle. Then throw in the m/c and start bleeding the sytem. lol
  16. got my last brake line in this afternoon, discovered that i need a different adapter to connect the mastercylinder to the brake line. Finished cleaning and painting the driveline although I think while it's out I'll get the u-joints replaced then throw it back up.

    Finally it seems like i'm accomplishing something towards getting the car drivable!
  17. well I finally got the mastercylinder installed, still need to bleed the system though. I pulled the front wheels and painted the front drums, removed and painted the front bumper corner braces and maybe tommorrow I'll get the front bumper mounting brackets painted as well. Discovered the rubber in my spring perches is gone so I'll have to hold off on installing the front shocks/coil springs till I get some new spring perches. I might go ahead and swap out the front sway bar though and if I can find some bushings for the strut rods I might yank them off and paint them as well. I'm finally making some minute but small forward progress with the car.
  18. pulled the bumper brackets off and discovered the bolt holes are elongated from rust eating up the brackets so I think I'll just toss them and by new ones, they're only about $10 ea at mustangsplus,mustang depot etc. BUt till then I can always just cruise without the front bumper.
  19. IZZ!!! any pics man? Keep pluggin away at it.....lol, but just don't be afraid to drive it when you're done! :p I'm just starting to help out a friend with a camaro project....right now...all we have is the motor! :rlaugh:
  20. ya, i have a few pics of the car in work. I have a few posted in my gallery at Mustang Life Accessories Products Parts Articles Videos Forums but haven't updated them lately. MY progress has been extremely slow and i'm still a long way away from safely driving this pony on the streets. I ordered new poly spring perches from mustangsplus yesterday and they should be here by this tue or wed afternoon hopefully. Then I jnust need to get some coil spring compressers and swap out the coils,shocks, and perches as well as install the new sway bar. I still need to bleed off the brake system and adjust all the drums up, replace u-joints on driveline, install driveline, buy new front bumper mounting brackets and corner braces, rebuild the carb,install new bushing in the gear shifter, start the car up make sure all the elec system is still working then maybe I can think about driving it.