IAC restrictor plate installed!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by R.J., Dec 31, 2005.

  1. thank you for making more R.J. i can't wait to get mine, and i will post my results here when i get it ;)
  2. Okay sweet! I've had mine off for a few days now. I'll be putting it back on this weekend.
  3. Got mine the other day, thanks a lot once i get my car back together ill throw it in and tryer out!
  4. :stupid: :nice:
  5. Thanks R.J. you da man :nice:
  6. I have 4 more to give out!
  7. i'll take one:

    Chris Curl
    12215 Plum Orchard Drive
    Silver Spring, MD 20904

  8. 3 more!
  9. got mine in the mail today R.J. It was dark by the time i got it, so tomorrow i will go and put it on, looks great! Once i get it on i will take her out for a spin and write a report up ;)
  10. I recieved mine as well very well made peice great job and craftmanship. Hopefully next week I'll ahve time to install thanks bud...
  11. 2 More to give away
    Everybody who gave me their address should have theirs or be getting it soon.
  12. I got mine the day before yesterday, and should be installing it today. . .
  13. I want one RJ pm sent
  14. Got mine installed. . .


    The car acts WAYYYY better now. No more 'shift flare'. I lost the few seconds of high idle when I start the car, but that's no big deal since I usually have to wait a few minutes to warm the car up before it'll idle on it's own anyway. I had no problems with it dying, and I did not have to adjust the size of the hole. Thanks a lot RJ, you rock!
  15. I'm glad you like the results. I like the loss of high idle at start up because mine would take a while to come down.
    OK I have 1 (one) more plate left and three people have PM'd me wanting one but never gave me their address. So it is still up for grabs, first come first serve.
  16. R.J. I got your pm

    Thanks, Keith
  17. I would like to know if my iac solenoid on my gt 96 is the same as 99-04?
  18. NO MORE plates left and as of now no more will be made. Has every body received/installed theirs? What kind of results are you seeing.
  19. I received mine today and will post results once installed. Thanks R.J.
  20. R.J. I've been extremely busy lately, hopefully i can throw mine on this weekend!