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  1. Des Moines, Iowa.. Sure is cold!!
  2. Yepper, we're dying up here! :p
  3. Yeah -4 degrees this morning. My truck never got all of the ice off the windshield this morning on my 20 mile drive. I can't wait for spring and all of this ice to be gone.
  4. Just moved to Manhattan, Kansas. Anyone on here in the area?
  5. I'm jeff,live in kansas city,ks and have a 1984 anniversary edition mustang,I'm currently building it to be a pro street stang with a big block 460.

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  6. Scott County, MN

    I've been browsing through stang net all winter due to lack of out door activities but in this time I have seen some of the best mustangs I have ever . But also in this same time I have been doing a "Spring Cleaning" project on my Calypso '91, though 90% through with it, I'm not quite there yet. So if interested in watching a restoration of sorts keep posting.
  7. Columbia Missouri.

    Anyone else?
  8. Liberty Mo. here
  9. No one will probally go all the way through this and see my but ima still post anyways :D ST. LOUIS MO
  10. I live in Independence Missouri.
  11. Manhattan, KS here. I have a few of my cars with me here. I plan going to Heartland a few times in the next several weeks.
  12. Cedar Rapids, IA....livin in Wheaton, IL for a few more months to finish school. just bought a project stang.
  13. I got a 93 Lightning, Red, stock except for Flowmasters/dumps. working on restoring it back to mint condition.
  14. wichita, ks
  15. Iam new to this site so whats up everyone, I live in Des Moines,Ia
  16. I live in Omaha NE are there any car meet ups in this area?
  17. Pine Island, MN
  18. Olathe, KS. I have a 65 with a 91 EFI, AOD and a 95 GT 5.0 vert, red clean and stock...