I'm still alive - for now...

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  1. Hey all! corpse checkin in over here..

    I am still alive - I have not fallen off any rocks - yet.. Although there's that chance, as in 10 more days I'm heading back to Joshua Tree for a couple weeks of climbing.

    It's been a pretty uneventful winter with the stang - but lately I got into the next big project.. The quickchange rearend is finally going in! w000t w000t

    Although I sadly must say, the purists are going to hate me - I have to modify the trunk area a bit - the sheet metal in front of the gas tank has to be "boxed" some, and the gas tank has to be notched for the rearend to clear. Plus extra room has to be made for the watts linkage setup (I think I'm going to use that).. And the borla mufflers are coming out to make extra room for the lift bar that will be put in as well.

    I got the rearend "mached" up in there to check for clearance and all that. Maybe in a few more days I can manage to get some pics. Hopefully, the project will be done by May - I figure if I'm pessimistic about it, it will get done even faster :)
  2. hey corpse how all of your 'glass projects coming?
  3. I haven't done a lick of it during the winter.. No REAL heated garage - so I can't let the stuff cure.. I attempted a project early in the winter (late fall?) where I was going to reproduce my rear valence (with some mods to it), but I was dumb about it and tried doing it in stages - stages because the hardener I used caused the resin to cure too quick, and I could even get 1 layer of glass over the existing valence, and it turned out like crap - so I scrapped that project - need to get some long pot life resin (hehe, I like how that sounds).. But I sure did learn alot about making molds the first try. When I get new materials it should be way easier, and hopefully successful.

    I still have an ongoing project that hopefully I can finish up pretty soon, the radiator cover piece.. I even bought a new handheld belt sander to help get the sanding done quicker - a belt sander with a bag, so that should mean less itchy fibers going into my sleeve :)
  4. See corpse, if you had a black box with a tracking device we would know where you were like the sheeple ;) :D

    Nice to see ya posting again
  5. Careful there, Corpse; he's trying to set you up! The only creatures tracking the black boxes are his two "favorite" monkeys! :nonono:

    Still Dreamin'
  6. Woo Hoo! Corpse is back! I was wondering what happened to you.

  7. Good to see ya around man!

    I thought about you yesterday, as I went climbing for the first time in 8 or 9 years just yesterday. :)
  8. Hey dawn of the dead, good to see ya around Corpse. Yeah, um last update I remember from you was the custom Gauge pods I think, and the piece to replace center stock AC with I think.
  9. :nonono: Who left the Lock open on the Crypt again. :D

    gotta watch those monkeys, Their in with the Black copters trying to
    round up all the Sheeple.

    Now back to work Before the sun rises. :rlaugh:

  10. wow! It's back from the dead! Must have nine lives like a cat! :nice:

    I told them we should've buried him AT LEAST six feet under, but noooooooooooooooo, they never listen to the Blue Fuzzy or the Green Eyeball! :D <-----"ghost" smiley
  11. hehe - u guys are funny..

    pak - yer a little behind on the times man.. Did you take a hiatus from the site too? :p My 2 current glass project on the stang is the radiator cover thingie and the rear valence.. the radiator cover thingie is in it's rough sanding phase, and the rear valence I failed terribly in and need some new supplies to try it again (the proper supplies this time - making a mold of a rear valence proved to be a tad bit tougher than I anticipated).

    pabear - just be careful not to get me into the closet.. I'm sure the stank would clear it out.. If there's any necrophiliacs in there though, lemme know :-D
  12. Hear that guys? You better behave yourselves or I'll lock all of you in the closet with Corpse! :D

  13. hey corpse, one of the last mods i remember you working on was the side scoops, how'd those turn out?
  14. ah yes, the scoops.. I played a little with the idea of makin em - well, I started to make a mold... But that was more playing than a serious project - half of what I do is just to learn more about 'glassing. And I'm not afraid to use my car as the starting point for doing molds.. I even made a mold of the arrow shape on my hood (for project to be seen later) - I did that right off the hood.. I put electrical tape on the hood, carefully, and molded right off that - the electrical tape goo washes easily off paint :) the only downside of that approach, is the linse between the tape show up on the mold, which means just more sanding (albeit a little)..
  15. You obviously never smelled a wet Big Blue Fuzzy Closet Monster fresh from the Gutter! :nonono:
  16. corpse, holy moly, I am at a loss for words.
  17. so does that mean you aren't going to do them after all? i thought it was a pretty cool project
  18. It just means I'm going to wait until I have time for a casual project. And once the rearend is in, it will be nice weather time, and any projects that require downtime, such as body mods (painting n such) will just have to wait. I'd rather drive around a fast mustang with a little primer in some area, than look at a car getting painted that can't be driven :)
  19. Corpse, dude, glad to see you're stil an experimenting fool!

    Fuzzy, if you smell that bad on the 20th, you're riding in the bed of my P.U.!
  20. Alright! If you insist, I'll shower that morning....... :rolleyes: