In Tank Pump for 1966 EFI Conversion-1973 tank?


Apr 5, 2019
Chattanooga, TN
I am doing an EFI conversion on a '66 (5.0 from an '88 Cougar). I like the idea of an in-tank pump. Instead of buying a custom tank, I have run across this single mention in a thread from 10 years ago (#10 with followup requested in #12 and 21) about using a 1973 tank and (I assume) a fox body sending unit with pump.

Seems so simple. Does this work? Has anybody else tried it? Any pics? Why is this 1 post the only mention I can find anywhere? I don't mind lines in the trunk, I can fabricate a cover for them. Tank mounting dimensions seem very similar. I can work out the filler neck. I don't mind no sump, I will keep fuel in it. Any more info and details would be appreciated.
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