Input Requested: '13 Boss 302 Ls Or Gt500 Vert?

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Which would you pick, and why:

  1. 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca

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  2. 2013 GT500 convertible

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  1. Hey, Turbo: Where's the details on the car in your thumbnail? Looks sweet! Gotta love Grabber Blue.
  2. Congrats. I am jealous.
  3. congrats and please post up pics
  4. Thanks guys. Car was supposed to arrive in Kent at the rail yard today, but didn't. Not getting too concerned yet, but I'm supposed to fly down Sunday night and pick it up Monday morning. Pics will be coming!
  5. i bet your very anxious to play with your new toy! i know i am just for pics of it...

  6. It's a 2013 GT. Base with 3.73's and tech pack(301A). I've added stipes,Boss strut brace, leather and GT500 axel backs. For now.
  7. Very nice! Love the color. Bet that 5.0 with the 3.73s really screams. Hard to believe how long the Coyote has been out and I still haven't gotten a chance to drive one. ☹
  8. Anxious is no longer the word. Expected delivery date to dealer was the 22nd. Still not in today. :(

    Really hoping it's in tomorrow, or I'm going to have to reschedule my flight. This is killing me, especially since the leaves are starting to turn already. I'll have two months if I'm lucky before I have to put it away for the winter. :mad:
  9. Update: Cancelled the flight. Car's not in. Not real clear on what happened, but somehow the 8/22 delivery date became the shipping date. Not sure if folks misunderstood the status, or if it was delayed somehow. I should know more on Monday. All they can tell me now is that it's on a train somewhere. Was really looking forward to picking it up Monday morning, rather than going to work. :(
  10. That sucks. Keep us updated. And make sure to post lots of pics when you get it.
  11. Update: Ford may be good at a lot of things, but their vehicle delivery supply chain is a major FAIL. Their system status is ETA dealer: Aug 22. Status Date: Aug 23. STILL. No one can tell me where the car is, or when it will get there. I have the dealership GM and their regional rep supposedly "rushing" it, and they still can't tell me ANYTHING. They can't confirm that the car is still at the plant, that it's onboard a railcar, anything. I have just about lost my mind. :mad:

    Sent another real unhappy email today. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
  12. That's not Ford. That's the age of incompetence that has taken over the world. Every business is like that now.

  13. Beg to differ. I know of one that, while I'm not claiming it's perfect, is nowhere near this bad. I do this stuff for a living, which makes it that much more frustrating. I know how my team would have responded by now.
  14. FordCustSrvc
  15. Ok, well almost every business is like that now.

  16. Oh, we've had our talk. I finally told them to stop calling me. All they did was call me every three days to tell me the status they could see on their screen. They finally admitted that they were absolutely helpless to actually affect anything. I had much better success with a guy I found on a Boss 302 forum who could give me more detailed status, on a much more frequent basis. They may be ok tracking a car in the system, but once the system breaks, they are totally incapable of helping.
  17. Status update: Sorry, this will be brief tonight. I've been busy. Was informed by dealer today that the car is BACK on "plant hold." Ford told him that they had no idea why it was on plant hold, and had no way of knowing when it would be released. I proceeded down to my local dealer (original deal was with a dealership in WA), who has had a Grabber Blue vert on their floor for several weeks, with a $50k ADM on it. I would have bought this car a month ago, if they hadn't been so absurd with their pricing. I told them the deal I had in WA, and that I would write the check if they'd match the deal. I guess the snow on the mountains got them thinking about how few convertible buyers they'd see in the next six months. So, I bought my lunch in the McDonalds drive through in my new car. :D

    I haven't been this happy about a car since I got my 68 GT Fastback on my 16th birthday (31 years ago). This thing is insane. It's going to take me some time to learn to drive it. It'll get away from you so fast, even when you think it won't. Goosing it in second gear at 45 mph puts you sideways. That ain't right! (but it sure is fun!).

    WP_000076.jpg WP_000078.jpg WP_000077.jpg
  18. That's badass man! I'm totally stoked for you. :nice: Car looks great!
  19. well done man!

    i for one am jealous. and impatient as i too will be in the market hopefully this time next year. though i will be looking for a '10 or '11 model gt500. i haven't been able to drive one yet, but i can imagine its so so nice!

    take care of that beast!