Input Requested: '13 Boss 302 Ls Or Gt500 Vert?

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Which would you pick, and why:

  1. 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca

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  2. 2013 GT500 convertible

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  1. congrats on the deal!!
  2. Very cool! Sucks that it came down to what it did, but at least you got your desired car. I am very jealous!
  3. Thanks guys. I'm really, really, really happy. :D

    Just got back from a road trip--left Wednesday night after work, drove 350 miles to Fairbanks. Had meetings there Thursday, and decided instead of flying up in the morning and back in the evening, I'd drive instead. Came back this morning. I'm even more impressed.

    You know how our cars cruise really smooth at about 85 or 90, and just feel like they're in their zone? And how at about 105, you get that little adrenaline rush, because you can tell that you're right on the edge? Well, the Shelby cruises comfortably at 100. No stress, no "oh chit", no nothing, just stuck to the pavement. Couldn't find that edge today. It's somewhere north of 125. :rolleyes:
  4. Isnt it crazy compared to a '95 or even (especially) a fox? I remember topping out my '89 GT all the time in high school, and I am amazed I am still alive with how loose that car felt at those speeds. The new cars dont even feel fast, because they are just as steady at 130 mph as they are at 65. No offense to any of our '94-'95 friends, I just have to agree with him from experience. I guess its to be expected with the amount of progress in auto technology in the last decade though.
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  5. Congrats on the new cars are like crack to me.:burnout:
  6. I remember having my Fox with stock suspension around 140mph all the time, and it felt fine. Maybe it was just because the roads in Florida were smoother.

  7. Looks like speed is your crack... Who has a Busa and a GSXR 1000???
  8. Sorry to the OP for the thread jack....the Busa is my street ride and the GSXR is track only.

    Me and my son in law at Barber on my blue GSXR.

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  9. Very cool! Now back to your regularly scheduled program.