Inspire me!!! Lets see some 2.3T pics!!

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  1. Sorry about hijacking but...

    You made it sound like its a bad thing .:( Probe is great car. Stinger used to own 2nd gen. :nice:

    What's huffy? Sounds Mopar to me ,but I could be wrong.
  2. Close, its a little faster than a probe...and a mopar. :nice:
  3. dont diss probes or mx-6 gt's, theres been a few in the 11's :D

  4. was it faster than this MX6 ? :D


    Too bad it was not F2T powered :shrug: , instead they used RX7 rotary engine and tranny. :nice:
  5. I still do...and I picked it up after my Mustang...
  6. 283rwhp with stock junk.

    Tony Reiners

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  7. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but Tony, what upper/lower intakes are those that clear the non-dipped VC? I thought it had to be the tall SVO/Merk upper to clear. :shrug: