Installation of OEM 1993 Premium sound stereo into 87-92 Mustang

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  1. Sn95 radios won't work in the Fox least not without major modifications
  2. Crutchfield has been good for me for wiring diagrams. All the Mustang diagrams I have don't list this because it was never a feature on a Fox Mustang. I don't have SN95 diagrams.

    Best bet would be to search crutchfield for diagrams for a 94-98 Mustang Mach 460 as it will have the slave CD player. I'd do it for you but that site doesn't come through well at my work
  3. Okay, thanks for the tip, I will check it out. I may try to direct wire the Aux into the radio itself, but until it arrives I can't poke around :)
  4. I have a different dilema. My 93 DID have the premium radio but since is gone and a 91 radio is in its place. Can i somehow wireto the factory amp?
  5. crutchfield likely has an adapter harness ou can plug in there
  6. I took care of it. The factory amp is DOA, so I bypassed it and rewired the whole system. I took OUT almost 200 ft of household speaker wire that was a huge mess. Luckily all the factory plugs were in the car. for some reason someone hooked up all the speakers with huge wires.
    It rocks now after 6 hours of work.
  7. I have an 1989 GT Convertible with Premium Sound (6 speakers and the amp behind the Headunit).
    I still have the Single CD Tuner from my previous 1995 GT with the MACH 460 setup (looks like your pic in post #7).
    Do you know if this fits in my 89 GT?
  8. while my plan was and is to return everything to stock, including the radio, i was upset that i would not be able to play cd's (which truthfully are a dying technology). considered the 93 radio swap but that is not what came in it so no go for me. fast forward a year and my 92 has the premium tape and graphic equalizer. So i am stuck to old tapes and the radio right? wrong. this ancient piece of aftermarket equipment turned it into a viable mp3/ipod player. no static, no fm modulator to fuss with. sound is perfect. we have all used them in the 90's but who remembered to give them another chance?
  9. MP3 can be added via a wired auxiliary port if you want a hidden look. I would also consider extending the wire from your cassette converter thing and run it back through the radio. Then you can hide your MP3 in the glove box or something and not have it hanging off the dash.

  10. saw all the electric wiring choices people have made. not oem so no go for me. plus this is how we did it back then and these cars are more than a ride. they are a time machine to our past. i would hate to look down and see something that screws up the whole experience. i just need the portable cd player sitting on the passenger seat skipping every thirty seconds to complete the whole memory.
  11. No. You'd have to change to the 1993 style amp to be able to hook it up.

    Another thing to think about is how to mount it
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  12. haha..ah that brought back memories.

    I did this for the look. My car is truely a weekend fun car so I'm not sitting in traffic for 2 hours in it to go to work. So when i drive, i tend to keep the radio low and listen to the exhaust note instead.

    CD's are a dying technology. I've seen 6-disk changers disappear to become single disk players again with MP3 hookups or harddrives to download songs via USB to. My collection of CD's is dwindling as well.
  13. gee willikers this thread goes on forever
  14. I have a 93 with premium sound. Radio powers up, but no sound. I can not figure out if my amp is bad or the radio is bad. The amp has power to it. Does anyone know the voltage that I should be seeing at the amp remote wire? Dark blue. I was assuming 12v. But when I test it at the radio, it goes from .001 mv when off to .550 mv when the radio is on. Does that sound right?
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  15. Any new updates on installing the slave in dash ? The 93 set up should have more room than the earlier models due to having the amp under the seat rather than behind the dash . I see slave decks in the yard in Mustangs but 94up only . It does not make sense to pull one that looks like poop just to try it out . But the harness from radio to cd would be behind it so may pull that and save it for another day .
  16. It wouldn't fit without major modifications to the trans tunnel. Basically I would have had to remove the center console, and then take a hammer and clearance the tunnel downwards right at the rear where the CD slave deck would have hit.

    Since i wasn't willing to do that, i just went with the 1993 CD player vs installing a 94-98 Mach 460 head unit
  17. I think you made the right move . I would love a CD player but have not seen one yet . I have a Scoche FM modulator in one of my other cars and love it . If and when I do find a Cd I'll hardwire another fm mod into it .
  18. Hey, just wanted to update this. I got my square face unit on ebay, it came out of a 91-94 model explorer (Mine was actually out of a '94, I don't know if they offered it in earlier years). Of course, I will have to fab the cubby mount, but it is an option for someone who wants the factory look without the pricey "Mustang" radio.
  19. Like to do the same just other things get in the way from time to time . I have not come across a clean one at the u pull or I would have taken it . Ebay ? Hmm . I have bought stuff off ebay before w/o a problem . Bought some Sony 3 1/2 coax just last week for $20 . Brand new unused . USPS delivered and when I opened the box , what do you know . Some SE35 speakers . Not Sony , not Boston Acoustics . SE35 w/o any kind of specs on the back except Made in China . Does Made in China mean "best speakers around " ? Don't answer that question . Luckily ebay and paypal cover your purchase but I'm giving the seller the benefit of a message back before ebay gets involved . But obviously they knew those were phony speakers . Including a pic incase anyone has seen these before .


    I think I've seen the design before but where ? The speakers I bought were supposed to be 2-35rms and around 90db which play well with low power .
  20. I'm in the same boat Benpharm was in. I have a '92 stock radio with EQ and I'm trying to install in an '87, which doesn't have the EQ connector. He got lucky and obtained a harness to make it work. I tried figuring out the wiring and ended up toasting a football amp. Not really due to bad wiring, but due to unplugging the radio with the amp still powered. Bad idea. So, I'm looking for anyone who might have an EQ harness or maybe the proper wiring diagram for the EQ harness. Any help would be greatly appreciated!