Installation of OEM 1993 Premium sound stereo into 87-92 Mustang

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  1. Nice that you have that set-up . I have never seen one in person but if you can find one it would have to be on a Fox site . Good luck and hope you find what you need .
  2. Thanks! I'm amazed at how elusive this information is. When I do find out the proper wiring I'll be sure to post all over the place!
  3. I may have the wiring diagrams. I'll have to search for it later tonight and then try and make a scan of it.
  4. Thanks Mike. Just realized you're in Mass. Glad to meet a close neighbor!
  5. No scanner til back at work Monday, so I'll try picks for now.

    This should apply to all 87-89 mustangs

    Base stereo

    Premium sound

    Premium sound w/ EQ

    I'm getting these diagrams from this manual, which sometimes shows up on eBay. Great reference manual if you need to do electrical
  6. Thanks Mike. That'll work! I'll see what I can wire up. I'll let you know how it goes.
  7. If you can't see a wire color or other detail let me know. If you need clarity I'll do a PDF next week when back at work.
  8. Another option is the Lincoln 1993-1994 cd changer setup. Kinda rare, but pops up on ebay once in a while. You might find one in a mark 8 at a boneyard as well.

    Unsure of the wiring for this, but it would be interesting to mount a factory cd changer in the hatch.

    These early ford CD players do tend to skip though. Something to keep in mind if your stang has a stiff ride.
  9. Found one of those last time at the u pull but elected not to pull it . Too much wiring and time although the changer itself was an easy removal . Could have ebayded it I guess but if it does not work then it creates a problem .

    I don't want any less room in the hatch than there is right know . Glad you mentioned about skipping . That would really blow .

  10. Hey I'm new here and i found a video on youtube that shows you how to hack up some wires to add an ipod connection.


    I did the 93 radio conversion onto my 88 mustang and now im looking to add an ipod connection through the 6 pin connection if its possible. I dont wanna hack up my speaker wires and i dont want an aftermarket radio because i like the OEM look. If you skip over to 23:40 on the video, it shows a picture of the rear connectors. hopefully i can figure out how to add an aux input through the 6 pin connection.
  11. Hmm, that's an interesting idea. I don't like the idea of hacking up my 8-wire amp harness, but using the 6 pin connector is interesting. Basically it's like an AUX input.

    Looking at the 6-pin harness, not sure how to make this work as an aux input. It does get input from the slave it might be possible.

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  13. well atleast i now know its possible. I have an extra 1993 premium sound set but the wires were all hacked up. I'll use that one to try and figure it out. I probably wont know for a while since this week is my college finals week.

    I am also trying to see if its possible to add the radio steering wheel controls. I like this idea mainly because it will make my foxbody unique. I've read that some ford taurus came with these controls, so hopefully it will give me that factory look even though it never came with the car :)
  14. Taurus and explorer/mountaineers had them. I think they interfaced with the 2-wire plug. Never looked into it so not sure.

    Hooking an mp3 adapter to the 6-pin harness has me very interested however.
  15. Although it is extremely super low on my priority list (my car is in pieces, after all) one day I will eventually get around to doing this. There are many ways to skin a cat with this, but if the slave cd port is available, all we may need is the wiring harness that usually connects them. If you can trick the radio into believing that the mp3 player is the cd changer then it should work fine.

    The other way to do it is to tap directly into the radio itself. When the player is connected, it automatically interrupts the radio and plays from the ipod. You can also add a switch, as he did.
  16. He did a great job on the install and how-to . But wow that youtube vid looks like way too much work . Using the cd slave as an aux input sounds like a much better way to go if someone can figure out a way to get it done . Then no switches or hacking . Or just use a Scosche FM Modulator which is very simple to install and no cutting aside from mounting the switch and input plug .
  17. It's on my list. First thing I need to do is located a 6-pin harness.

    Then, I'll need to snag my radio out of my car for some testing
  18. So after days of searching, i finally found a 6 pin harness from a 1994 mustang at a salvage yard. Now to figure out how to make it work with a 3.5 mm jack. I do however have some questions for yall.

    1) how did the slave CD system work? I mean was there a button on the radio that activated the slave CD player?

    2) what is that symbol on the 3 button on the cassette player?
  19. Alright I'm calling it quits on this project. After acquiring a 6 pin harness and multiple 3.5mm aux cables I cant figure out how to get my phone to play through to the car speakers. So what I did was I hacked up the 6pin harness and taped off the ends of the individual wires except for the common found and the right in and the left in cables. I then hacked up multiple aux cables and taped them up accordingly. Ground to ground left to left and right to right. It works! Well sorta anyway. You can hear the music but its really quiet. If you turn up the volume on either your device or radio, it sounds really unpleasant. A lot of static and popping noises happen. I don't know why since nothing was shorting. Any ideas anyone?