Installing stereo into 66 coupe

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by SadbutTrue, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. I installed most of the system from my old cadillac into my mustang (everthing except the my sub and its amp). Its a Pioneer head unit, 800W/60WRMSx4 Kenwood amp, powering 2 nice Kenwood 6x9s and 2 nice Polk 6.5" (both rated for 65W RMS), as wlel as some dinky little speakers in the dash (carryovers from the old stereo) hooked up directly to the head unit.

    Seemed to be working okay, but I was a bit disappointed by the bass, and I'm figuring I may have hooked up a sub control wire wrong because when I play with the head unit's equalizer it didn't make much, if any, difference.

    1) Any idea which wire I didn't connect right?
    2) How should hte bass for such a system be? I wasn't expecting it to punch like it did with my old 12" sub but I was expecting more than I'm getting
    3) A friend told me I need create boxes/containers for the 6x9s (they're basically hanging off the rear deck into the trunk) - where can I buy them?
    4) If I do need to create a subwoofer box to get my bass fix... does anyone sell 65/66 custom boxes, or does anyone know of a generally available on that will fit?

    :beer: Thanks!