Installing VT stg 1 N/A Cams.

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by hotmustang331, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. oh snap they're ready :drool:

  2. Man, good too see you guys around over here :nice: . And yes I LOVE them....defenatly the best mod to date. :flag:

    EDIT ^ Who are those guys? Jim and Scott? I have no idea what they look like.
  3. shoot, if they were in stock I would order them now :)

  4. pretty good, my top got cut a few weeks ago and I wanted to get that taken care of before the blower went on, so last week the top replacement guy had it for 3 days. They started on it today and with it being a used kit we are looking over every part before it goes on, they idler pulley that he had looked a bit worn so we decided to order a new one instead of chancing it. gotta wait 3 days for that but if all else goes well i should have it back for monday. :D
  5. +1

    I'll be ordering VT Stage 2's on friday, if they're in stock :drool:

    +10000 for VT Engines :hail2:
  6. Nope....thats Mike and Pops.....2 of the builders. We can be seen on the website @ in the "about us" section.
  7. shoulda ordered them a few days ago. Sold the last set a couple days ago. More are being done and should be ready in a few days....same with the stage 2's. Just so you know...if you order them online even when they are out of get put on a list so you will have a set when they are in stock.
  8. You are making an incorrect assumption. PM sent.
  9. what are good heads for the VT stage 1's?
  10. If im not mistaken, VT reccomends getting some STG 2 cams with any aftermarket ported heads. The STG 2s really shine when the heads are opened up, and they will work good for DDing. But maybe they will chime in if im wrong....and VT sells some awsome heads.

    A guy I know bought a long block from them, STG 2 heads, custom cams between stg 2 and stg 3, and a 284 forged motor with like 10-1 puts down 330RWHP. Which is ALOT for any 2V.
  11. Ya..I usually suggest the Stg 2 with ported heads..but it boils down to the customers preference for idle,tuning,etc.
  12. Heck even with stock heads I put down 303/318...V/T all the way!
  13. Are there any sets ordered for the VT Stage 2's already?.. I'll be able to put my order in... as long as you don't take the money out until friday evening :D
  14. So how much hp/tq can one expect from a VT stage II heads and V/T Stage II cams with longtube headers on an otherwise stock 2v 99+ engine? Im guessing around 310 to the wheels?

    EDIT: Add a pretty good tune in there.. Dan from Realspeed in NY will be tuning the car on a mustang dyno.
  15. that sounds right.. maybe even a little more