Is the Holley Systemax good? Help me choose

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  1. I've heard good things about the Holley Systemax and was wondering what you guys thought.

    Is the Holley Systemax 2 whole system good? It is 2 grand but for what it includes , I think I might consider getting it. What do you guys think? Would the whole systemax kit be better than piecing as system together?

    I think I'll either do the systemax whole or the edelbrock. What heads are good to be paired with the edlebrock??

    Thanks alot.
  2. I've been wanting to get this too and I've asked about it in the past. From what I hear, it's a pretty good combination of parts b/c it's designed to work together, but there are better combos out there.
  3. It's advertised as producing 350 hp and 350 lbs. ft. of torque. Are these numbers believable? If so, I'd say that a better combo would be hard to come by.

    If I went with the systemax, it says that they recommend the fuel system upgrade which I would do. It says to get 24 or 30 lbs. injectors. What do you guys suggest? AND, if I got the the 24s or 30s, would that be big enough if I wanted to put a blower on in the future?

  4. I have heard great things about the Holly sytem. Speaking as someone who has Edelbrock heads and used to have the Performer intake (TF now), I can tell you that its good but not the best. If I did it over I would pony up for some AFRs but I think the Holly is pretty damn good. I also think its wise to go ahead and do it all rather than piece it over time (assuming you can afford it at one time).
  5. All the people I've know who's had it either likes it or loves. If you add up everything you really want (H/C/I) it will probably come out to over Holley's $1999.
  6. I have the holley systemax intake upper and lower, I love it. Don't know if this helps.

  7. I got the holley systemax 2 complete kit...

    Its absolutly awsome when it was tuned nicely, then we figged around some more and now it is pig rich, but when it was nice with 20* advanced timing, it was QUICK!

    I opted to go with a comp cams 266/267 .544"/.555" lift cam, much bigger than the Systemax cam. I should be making more torque than HP with that cam...

    I love this kit, and everything goes correct and right in!

    The kit should come with...

    UPDATED Systemax 2 300-573 63cc Head w/2.02, 1.60valves
    Upper/Lower Systemax 2 Intakes
    Upper to lower gasket
    Double Roller Timing Chain
    ARP head bolts
    What you need to purchase is...
    GOOD Camshaft assembly lube $5
    Intake to Head Gaskets $12 from pepboys
    Timing Chain Cover Gasket $7 from pepboys
    Headers $129
    Mass Air meter calibrated for 24lb injectors $190
    24lb injectors $200
    Throttle Body $165
    Roller Rockers $225

    If you are a little low on cash, I highly recommend to go on EBAY and get things such as Throttle Body, Headers, MAM, Injectors for used amlost half off retail.

  8. A guy in my old car club had it on his car with complete exhaust, all the little bolt-ons, tune, and made 314rwhp/310rwtq. That was right out of the box by the way.
  9. A friend of mine has the Sytemax II kit on his 306 coupe. He has run low 11's on nitrous. In my opion it's a great setup for the money :nice:
  10. I thought those Systemax kits were for 87-93 only. All the parts go on fine on a 94/95?
  11. Also does that intake clear the stock hood?
  12. 24's or 30's would be fine with the N/A combo...but if you were going blower 36's and 42's would be more suitable...

  13. Ah, man...

    I forgot if it did or not, its been a long time.

  14. 30's will be OK with a blower + FMU in the future. If you keep it at a nice tune and not get crazy with boost.

    Will it be ideal in an N/A setup, it can be, if you know how to tune down the fuel pressure and play with the setup a little.

    Hell, im still running factory 24'lbers in my 97 with FMU.

    On my 94, its only 42's. It cant take nothing less = kaboom...

  15. The intake clears the hood... But you can't run a spacer... Well thats what i have run into...
  16. 350/350 HP/Torque sounds like a lot for a pure combo like that. I'm sure they assumed with all the bolt ons. If that's the case that is not too shabby for the price. But if you are like me and want the most performance out of your car you would piece things together. I really would like to see some dyno numbers with that setup to verify the validity of that claim.
  17. post in 5.0 tech you will find more people there have this get and you could get dyno numbers buy 309rwhp NA is more then enough for me so if i had the 2k i would buy this kit for sure.
  18. Its not hard at all to believe that this would yeild 350 tq and hp... I mean after you subtract like 15% (some would say its more then that) your left with about 297... And if you look at the website it says with supporting mods like headers, tb, fuel injectors, etc..

    One of the highest flowing intakes put together with a decent cam and a set of 2.02/1.60 heads... Put that with some bigger fuel injectors and a free flowing exhaust and there is no doubt it should make 300 rwhp...

  19. i agree it there is no way it shouldn't make 300rwhp but it's a nice kit thats easy to set up becuae it comes with intake heads and a cam for 2k, this kit plus a mild blower or turbo set will yeld some nice rwhp numbers...or just use it as is and be on par with LS1's