Is there such a thing as a "Factory Freak"?

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  1. All I know is that anyone that thinks they have a freak or thinks someone else has a frwak, you cant compare. People call my car a freak, it isnt...

    Some cars perform better but there is almost always a reason for it, or a few small reasons. In my eyes most cars out there well taken acare of can look like a freak in the hands of the right owner...

    This is proven when people dont believe what me and my friends run for times at the track. If you believe in freaks I have about 5-6 cars to show you that can all be considered freaks, yet the owners wont tell you they are!
  2. If the factory uses tolerences for their parts, (x-z is OK, y being ideal)
    You could have one car with 4 x injectors and 4 z injectors, 6 x rockers and 2 z rockers, etc.
    And one car with all y injectors and rockers, etc.

    I don't mean this would make one car a freak, just to point out not all leave the factory exactly the same

    Once you add up all the parts like these, couldn't it make a noticable difference?
  3. I've heard that the factory stockers will go through a bunch of stock cams to find that gem of a stocker?

    No 1/4 times with these #'s they closed the track

    went 12.20'[email protected] with 330rwh(first dyno pull no tuning) on drag radials. old intake less gear no tube front end no tune.
    I'd be happy w/11.60's as it sits now maybe 117 or 118

    The 330rwhp is still a guess as I never dynoed the motor w/ gt-40 intake
    might have been a little less then that
  4. Exactly
    And a batch of rockers and injectors...
  5. Not a believer of the freaks either but im sure 5.0's have a 30hp range"210-240"
    mine in current form as of dyno put down 210hp/266tq and weighted 3280 with me and ran [email protected]ed,weighted and ran all in the same weekend.
  6. Case in point rite here.I know guys with 5spd's and these mods and cant get these times.
  7. This thread has been going all day long,all the sudden its quiet. :shrug:
  8. No 2 motors are the same. The new cobras are built starting with a bare block now (before they started with a short block). I have seen different RWHP numbers for different cars in stock form. Can someone explain this? I used to work for Detroit Desiel. They built the series 60 motors at the plant and dynoed them. there were a few motors that just produced unexplained horsepower. must be gremlins.
  9. Haahhhhh!!!! Gremlins,,freaks,,same thing :uzi: Non believers
  10. LOL,,,sorry guys its late,Im tired,we been going at this all day.I got excited.But how about rsw007,,hah,,,hah :rolleyes:
  11. WOW I remember those series 60 from some Peterbuilt cab overs. I used to be a deisel mech. COOLEST sounding engines ever. Way better then your runomill Catterpiller...OFF TOPIC :bang:
  12. rsw007,thanks for showing up bro :nice: I believe this debate is over :D
  13. What elevation were you in when you ran your car? Those ET numbers are extrmely high for a stock 5.0...To run those times you would need about 260-270RWHP in a car that weighs 3200lbs...on top of that you have an AOD too...hmm I don't know about that.
  14. I see nothing "freaky" about those times...your mph shows the power you have 99mph which is right on with your horsepower...the reason why your E.T. is so low is your 60fts...

    Willys1...your 60fts were closer to 2.0 weren't they?

    About every full tenth taken off your 60ft takes off about .2 tenths from your E.T....

    No factory freak there...just traction and good matched parts...what exactly is done to your car rsw007?
  15. You dont know about that?,,Let me explain,its a "FACTORY FREAK" :D
  16. I believe he has about what I have, plus he has ac delete.Dude admit it,those are some freaky times for a stock aod 5.0/ But yeah,those 60's are huge
  17. ive got all the bolt-ons exept for 1.7 rockers,full suspention and built up aod with the stock gear ratio in the tranny and 4.10's when it still had power sterring and ac it ran 13.35 @ 99mph. i think now it can go 13.2's since removing that stuff and moving bat to back and glass hood
  18. Ever had your car weighed? The reason why he is running so fast is because of his weight and excellent launching :thumbs up:
  19. Are you KIDDING??? I have 272 rwhp, an untouched original suspension and pulled 12.63. You think my car should be running mid 13s? Its not all about the power but how you manage to get it to the ground, and with a 99 mph trap, 13.3 is getting it to the ground. Plus his 210 hp is through an auto with a converter, which will kill rwhp numbers.

    This isnt a factory freak, its a car that has been well planned and has the right mods!
  20. Yep...the 99mph shows the actual power (which is where most people think the factory freak myth comes from = power)...that is all traction...