Mach 1 Is this a good deal on a 2003 Mach I?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 999cm999, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. I posted in the regular 4.6l forum...didn't know there was a separate Mach I forum.

    A local dealer is selling a metallic gray '03 Mach I for $10,900

    Here are the details:

    2003 Mustang Mach1 : $10,900
    102,000 miles
    new tires
    Shaker hood
    double overhead cam
    after market exhaust
    excellent condition

    Does this sound like a good deal? I've been looking for a 5-speed GT, but I saw this Mach I that happens to be a 5 speed.

  2. Is this a good deal?

    Too bad I didn't see this post sooner. If you haven't already bought that Mach, try looking at the site. You will find Machs for sale from 67 miles (very expensive) on up to higher mileage cars.
  3. a little to much, try to get them to 8,500
  4. 8-9k is more like it