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  1. OK BILLIEBOB!! Now put down that pack of Chewin Terbacky and put on yer thinkin cap. Would you buy a Mustang if it was designed and built in JAPAN or GERMANY?
    After all it actually is a Japanese Mustang to some extent since it did take someone of Asian origin to lead all those LOSERS at Ford to get enough nerve to trash that garbage Fox Platform and completely redesign a car that seems to be screwed together ALMOST as well as a true Japanese car!!
    What if the Mustang actually came from the place where GOD builds all his cars? Naturally I speak of STUTTGART where the finast machines on the planet are born.
    Before you answer too quick remember your gonna have to switch to that there Communist Metric System and order all kinds of new Craftsman Tools from the Sears Catalog. And you better hope that Ma didn't use the tool section for personal hygeine!!
    Sofar m GT Convertible has been so rattle free that I think it was built in JAPAN!! American cars are generally speaking so poorly built that they start to rattle and fall apart almost from the day you buy it.
    My GT has started to lose some interior parts already as expected but it still remains as quiet as a Japanese car!!
  2. I wouldn't buy any Japanese made car, even if it was a mustang
  3. If the mustang where built in stuttgart. I would be 3 times more expensive. 3 tomes more expensive to fix. 5 times more expensive to modify. And filled with more little gadgets than I will ever need.
    Just a quick question? Have you unbolted anything on your car? I have a 97 mustang. And many of the bolts I have encountered so far are metric.
  4. Wow..he's so controversial...*yawn*
  5. ExCon,

    I am sitting here looking at my "Parts content Information" tag that came off my Mustang's window.. and ....Errrrrrr....

    County of Origin:

    Engine: Germany
    Transmission: France
    Final Assembly Flat Rock Michigan
    U.S./Canadian Parts - 65%....

    Hmmmmm... what a quink-a-dink, I must say..... LOL...

    Good Morning, BTW, my Friend....

  6. ...so now every time I miss a shift I can blame the French...?
  7. give it a rest already

  8. Would you buy a BMW if it were made in Michigan?
  9. Well....considering Hondas are being made in OH, Toyotas are being made in KY and Mercedes are being made in AL, it stands to reason that good ole American skill and labor win out as the best in the world.

    GM has tried to foist and Autralian car on the U.S. driving public as a GTO. See where that got them.

    Mustangs need to be built here.....nowhere else.
  10. Considering most Japanese cars are already built here, not sure what you're asking. And isn't there a BMW plant in South Carolina or something?
  11. [QUOTE='01SilverBullet]Considering most Japanese cars are already built here, not sure what you're asking. And isn't there a BMW plant in South Carolina or something?[/QUOTE]

    To tell you the truth, I have no idea because I could really care less about BMWs, Mercedes or any other German car.
  12. Get a new topic.
  13. typical

    Excon can be funny sometimes, but when I put my curser on top of the title of this thread, and saw references right off the bat about chewin tobaccy and making fun of hillbilly references, I knew right away it was Excon. Why? Why can't you ask a question without the hillbilly references? It would not only be as good of a question, but wouldn't murky the waters with any other ideas or potential insults.

    As for your question, it's actually pretty good. My heart is in a tug-of-war with my head on what kind of car to get. I used to be proud that I bought American, and I still am to some extent. I've never owned anything other than a Ford or Chevy, and yeah, I haven't totally finished college, even though I Have made a career out of going there! :D

    But I like all kinds of cars. I admire the M3, the 350Z and it's Infinity cousin, whichever it is. Even the Mazda RX8 has caught my attention enough for me to go drive one. I'll never forget that experience. Also kinda like the GTO, and the upcoming Charger is also interesting. I don't diss any sporty-like car (I know, I had to be careful there, or someone would start an argument over what a 'real' sportscar is :rlaugh: ), and I try not to say anything negative about them. However, buying a car is a huge purchase for me, and I have to be serious about it. I plan on owning my next car for 6 or 7 years at least, more if it stays runnable. I can't afford to spend a lot of money. I have to get the most bang for my buck, as they say. So far, the Mustang has that in it's favor. The one made in this country, that is.
  14. [QUOTE='01SilverBullet]Considering most Japanese cars are already built here, not sure what you're asking. And isn't there a BMW plant in South Carolina or something?[/QUOTE]

    You mean like the BMW manufacturing plant in Spartanburg county, South Carolina that builds the Z4 roadster and X5 Sport Utility vehicle??? Nah... somehow I suspect EXCON will respond by calling us hillbillies and telling us those truly aren't BMW's. But I gotta wonder if the thought that two of his beloved BMW's are built in the Blue Ridge mountains really frosts him. :rlaugh:

  15. BMWs, Mercedes, etc are made in the good ole USA too. Every car has pieces from all over the world these days.

  16. I actually enjoy reading ExCon's posts, especially the reaction he gets from other members here. My 95 GT vert is the first American car I have owned in more than 25 years and while the quality doesn't measure up to some of the Japanese and European cars I have had, it's good enough and it sure is a lot of fun. The 2005 Mustang has to be light years ahead of it in build quality, especially for the price.

    The best car I ever owned was a first generation MR2. Not a lot of power from the DOHC 1600cc engine, but it handled like a slot car and got 37 mpg on the freeway. When my beloved ex wife drove off into the sunset with it it had almost 70,000 absolutely trouble free miles on it and still had a lot of tread left on the original tires. There's a lot to be said for light cars.

    If the Mustang were built in Germany I don't think it would be much better than it is now. They got the tooling and tolerances right on this one, and with the weak dollar today the only difference you'd see would be in the price--it would certainly be more expensive. But since Honda and Toyota build cars here there is no reason why Ford can't do as well except for the influence of the bean counters. Maybe these guys have finally seen the light and have realized that Ford quality has to improve across the line to compete with the imports.

    BTW, I'm not a newbie here. During the crash I lost my original user name and over 3 years of posts. Oh well. Maybe some the mods/admin types will fix that.

    Nonetheless, I welcome ExCon's comments as a refreshing breath of air to stir up the here.
  17. I doubt if EXON has ever seen a hillbilly / redneck, I mean they arent from Germany so why should he notice them...right??? LOL

    I see where he comes from though, but I think his logic is flawed. Lets talk about GREAT sports cars. The Alfa Romeo GTA or maybe a Jag E-type, awesome sports cars, but crappy quality control, some engineers couldnt figure out the square peg / round hole problem. I think he suffers from "the older I get the better I was syndrome". :D
  18. Nice boobs, Med.
  19. Lets talk Triumph TR4, MGA, MGB, Austin Healey! Sunbeam! Now these are some AWESOME CARS! And they are so poorly built that they make a US built car look like a BMW!!
  20. Even an English Ford?
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