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  1. ExCon: "The Nissan Titan for example is built in the US AND USES 85 percent US PARTS! This truck won award after award when it came out. Why? Because Japanese Companies tend to spend alot more time and money designing and engineering their Assembly Plants and their Product. The Titan blew away the competition in comparisons but odds are that the mentality of a great percentage of "pick up truck owners" is not conducive to change."

    My other car is a Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab. I tow a 10,000+ pound fifth wheel with it. Want to see something funny? Hook my fifth wheel up to the Nissan Titan and watch it fall apart! The rear-end is about the size of an oversized softball.
  2. Con-

    I missed WWII by 2+ decades. However, I was an excellent student and enjoyed history class. There's plenty about the history of "our great nation" that I'm not too proud of either (e.g. "Manifest Destiny", slavery, Japanese internment, using "the" bomb...2X)

    Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
  3. Let's twist this thread a little bit...Forget german cars; who would consider a camaro instead of their beloved stang?

    What if GM does come out w/ a new Camaro in 07 like it has been rumored? And what if this new Camaro was not only competetive, but superior to the Stang in some respects. Could the Mustang faithful actually consider a Camaro instead?
  4. Absolutely NOT!
  5. I've never worn a bowtie before but if GM could build a stylish, reliable, competitive product with a Camaro badge then I'd check it out.
  6. 1969 Convertible style Camarowould be a winner!! The last 20 something years of Camaros were worthless.
  7. Only 20 years are worthless? The last good looking camaro was about 1970. Since 1972 they have only had 3 redesigns. The last looked like a geo storm with a V8 option.
  8. Yea your right! 30 years goes quick!! Just think 30 years of mediocre trash pumped out by GM and they wonder why bankruptcy is staring them in the face!!
  9. Suck A Nut ****
  10. Can someone please explain the above terms? Unfortunately i did not attend Hillbilly University an I am not familiar with this verbage. Could you also put it in context? THANKS!!
    Always willing to further my education thru the internet!!
  11. What if it was competetive?, Im not sure if youve been living under a rock for the last 10 years, but the LT1 and LS1 camaros have been mopping the road with the mustang. I know they dont make it anymore but what was the faster car when it went out of production? 2002 LS1 Z28 or the 2002 Modular GT? It was that way since 1993. Compare any GT to any Z28 since 1993 and tell me who was faster everytime. Im not counting the supercharged cobra, which is a very fast car, im just saying Z28's and GT's. If (and theres a big if) they do make a new Camaro, It will run. At the very least it will have a LS2, which is good for 400 hp out of the box. Do you really think the general is gonna lose to a pony? No flaming required, just stating my opnion which I have the right to do.
  12. Love it when someone has enough balls to give an opinion you know everyone will hate!! Your my kinda guy!! But I could care less about HP. The mentality on this board is focused almost exclusively on Torque and HP. I NEVER see posts regarding proper heel and toe technique, ways to approach an apex, shift points etc. All it is is "Billiebob, after we finish this beer we gotta figure a way to shave of another 10th of a second on our quarter mile time" Sure I want power but that is NOT the only important thing about a good car!!
  13. The problem for GM is simple. They need to focus more than just brute hp/tq. It didn't matter that the camaro (Or any of it's derivitives) was faster than the stang. Hp didn't let the camaro outsell the mustang. GM gave up on the camaro. Long before they finally let it die. As Isaid before from 1972 until it was killed off. GM had only 3 redesigns. You just simply can't go 10 years on a bodystyle anymore. Perfect example is the mustang. Back in the late 80's early 90's when they were threatening to kill it off. They had been working on the same bodystyle since 1979. Now within the last 10 years. It is working on it's 3rd body change. And first chassis redesign.
  14. That's another reason I'm not jumping the gun and buying right now, besides the fact that I need to save some money anyway. There may not be another Camaro, but I've heard rumors and even heard outcries of 'keep the faith' from a certain person or two supposedly 'in the know' at GM. I'm finding it hard to believe that a Camaro could be built that would be a better over-all package than the new Mustang, but I'd definetely be interested in checking it out!
  15. So Excon was finally banned huh? Gee such a loss to this board. :rolleyes:
  16. camaros didnt sell becuz of the price tag. thats why i wouldnt buy one anyway.
  17. When was he banned?? :uzi: Commies
  18. SSSHH!!! I'm Back! Don't let anyone know!! I will pretend I had a lobotomy and will start talkin like everyone lse on the board!! This way everyones happy!!
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