Progress Thread Jewel Green street/strip 92 LX progress thread

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  1. So I made it to the track on Sunday here is some videos and slips of what the car ran. Still not where I want to be, but this is my best time to date, goal is 10.99. Note this car does not have a cage, and will not every have one while I own it. Was trying to run a set of 28x10s and found they rubbed too much on the front part of the fender, guess I have to lengthen the lowers a bit to center the wheel in the wheel well. I will try again in the spring, still need to learn the technique of power shifting…I’m sure you guys will see some other stuff I can improve on too, like shifting higher.

    This is my Sony digital camera that I made a bracket for that dropped it off the sun roof handle bolts, seems to work pretty well, a little shaking but good enough to learn a lot on what the engine is doing and how/when im shifting.

    Oh yes that first run was the right lane and even though it was a little squirly up top that was the highest mph to date. 128 baby!

    First run on the 26x10s:
    92 Mustang at Lapeer, MI drag strip run 1 - YouTube

    second run
    92 Mustang at Lapeer, MI drag strip run 2 - YouTube

    third run
    92 Mustang at Lapeer, MI drag strip run 3 - YouTube


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  2. nice times you're definately consistant
  3. man, that is great you are making that kind of power from that motor. But yes, it is all in the driving. Practice makes perfect.
  4. Nice times! An 11.20 1/4 is hauling the mail for sure. I'm assuming your dyno numbers were on a DynoJet and not a Mustang dyno? Is that 500 crank horsepower or to the tires? I've personally never seen 500 horsepower at the wheels from a naturally aspirated stock block 331.
  5. By the way, I watched run #2 a few times. In second and third gear, both watching the tach and listening to the revs, the motor seems to jump 1k rpms from 5k to 6k to 7k versus running through the powerband smoothly. What do you think causes that? Could it be hurting your times?
  6. Thanks guys!

    Dynojet at the wheels. Feel it was a little happy on numbers as 94 F150 made 169hp with a drive pull at about 70mph, where stock is 205hp at crank and this is got 115K miles and only K&N and 13* base timming. 20% thru the auto is dont know:shrug:.

    Hoopty it may be tire slipping, the slicks are 2004 vintage and they are on 8" rims and only 26" dia. It could be front bounce too I have the front springs 150lbs as low and lose as I can so when I have my 17s on the front it is low. So it could be getting into a rocking horse effect causing to load and unload rear tires when front end bobs:shrug:.

  7. What does the car weigh? I think the 128 mph definitley backs up the big dyno number
  8. Holy ****, i cant belive the power upgrade from just a head change. Ed told me to use a 270cc head, maybe after im not broke i'll try the swap out and see if i cant get the same fti magic.

    Car looks ok too :rlaugh:
  9. Thanks car weight around 3050.
  10. Seriously though, car looks tits and am lookin forward to seein some 10sec time slips, its def good for it
  11. with you in it?
  12. Yup me in it.
  13. Nice work and the car looks great. I saw a 92 LX in Deep Emerald Jewel green for sale about 3 weeks after I bought my 93 LX in Electric Red (New). That color really pops in the sun, I have never been a green guy but this is one of my top three factory fox colors.
  14. Same here, usually i HATE green, but this color speaks to me.
  15. :welcome: Ok to bring everybody up to speed on the progress of my car currently. Car has been a street car this year, just have not had the time or desire to race it. For those that don’t know this car is set up to runTrue Street in NMRA/NMCA events. So it is sporting the “pro touring wheels” since last falls trip to the track.

    OK so last October I found a set to 2000 Mustang seats front and rear on CL. So the fronts were installed in the fall and are a BIG step:) up in comfort then the old fox seats, plus the drivers is power in all directions:) . I never did get to the back seat installed until this week. I really could not find a good write up on what it takes to put SN95 coupe seats in a fox hatch so here is how I went about it.

    I was bent bound to use the original back base on the SN95 but found the mounting points to be totally different. I hated to pull the backing plates and latches out of the fox seats because they are in great shape and plan to sell them with the fronts as a package deal.

    So basically what I ended up doing was pull the backing plates out of the fox and SN95 seats, simply install the SN seats upholstery on the fox backing plate. And of course here are the pictures to document the progress. It is really easy once you know what you have to do.

    The fox and SN seat side by side, note latch differences

    SN95 backing plate removed latch and plate will not be used

    Trace and cut off the top of the fox plate to match the contour of the SN plate. I found a sawzall with a fine metal blade worked well.

    The finished fox plate is on the left, original SN95 seat on right

    Mate the fox plate into the SN95 seat cushion

    Trim upholstery to fit around latch opening

    Install trim piece, note the fox back upholstery is thicker and the boss for the screws can be cut down so plate fits tighter over the new upholstery. I did not get a picture of this but if you take the plate off you will see what I mean.

    I’m not sure how or what I am going to do to cover the old latch holes yet, I have cut the old covers to fit over the top of the seat. The screw holes line up on the edge of the plate so would need to build up with an epoxy to use this. I also thought of adding a loop for a child seat thru the cover slot? Not sure yet??

    Finished and installed! The bottom is just setting in there it fits well. I wish when I did all the welding and under side work I had these as I would have installed the SN95 seat support for the bottom cushion.

    Picture of the fronts, I am no expert on the SN’s as far upholster but for nonleather I think these look killer in a fox. I hope to eventually covert to black interior.

    And now some icons that I never seen before that crack me up:
    :trip: :sheep::spam::roast:
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  16. that looks great scott looking forward to seeing it someday
  17. So whats the plan for this year with this thing
  18. ima coasting....this past summer it was a street car all summer never even put the drag lites on.
    I need to do some geometry adjustments to the back to slip the 28x10 and buy a set of 275/50/15 Hoosier DR, needs some new valve springs. And this B!#!# will be ready to run True Street, looks like NMRA lost MI but always had a blast in IL.

    I have enjoyed the street car end of it. It certainly is easier on the wallet:nonono:.

  19. Going 5 lug. Have the early SN spindles, PBR duel piston, will not go larger as want to be able to run 15's at the track. Rear was going to be Lincoln until found out will not work with stock track. Now looking for 94-04 Brake set up. Hope to hit the junk yard Friday and pick up a rear set up. I have struck out with Craigslist.

    Trying to follow what this guy did.

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  20. Picked up a rear set up off a 2000 mustang today $100 with the brake handle. Plates are cut and one side mocked up, love those sanding wheels. I ground the end of the axle so the axles would bolt right to the flange without a backing plate or a shim. Between what I gained from no backing plate and thickness of rotor hat this is .060 wider per side when it's all said and done. I think I'm going to try this set up without the ani-moan brackets.

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