KB install progress

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  1. wel we started the KB install today. we worked about 8 hours on it today with a few speed bumps. one when we took off the fuel rail one of our o rings on the injectors popped off and fell in the spark plug holes and was wedged up against the spark plug and took a while to get out lol.

    we got most of it done all we have left is the intercooler and boost a pump. so maybe 2 hours tomorrow and its done. also when we were putting on the lowering bracket for the altenator one of the holes was not drilled out to well and we had to use a tap kit to finish the threads and then everything after that went perfectlly.

    i am very excited to fire her up tomorrow and then let my brother drive it:rlaugh:

    damn broken bones
  2. Dude thats awesome, but sucks that you can't be the first to drive her. I wouldn't let anyone drive it before me.
  3. it's gonna be fun!!!
  4. Nice, the anticipation builds!!!
  5. I hope you have a built bottom end, I have seen and heard to many hore stories of people who installed there kenny bell to only have a blown engine in return. Kenny bell usually puts people at 425+hp which is 25 to much on our stock blocks. I would suggest going to get a dyno tune at 400hp to be safe, if you dont you'll be tearing that supercharger off to get to the engine which wont be fun. Those rods are extremely weak past 400hp. Good choice on blower though, now upgrade internals. Which version do you have 1.7 or 2.3?
  6. i am building it next summer ill be fine on 9psi. i use to spray the crap out of the stock bottom end and i def. pushed the limits and it still runs very strong. Before the KB i could pull on stock mach 1s with me on motor. but next summer i am building it and getting ready for the compound boost system the following year.

    lol man you sure you want pictures they are cell phone pictures so they are not very good at all.
  7. Sweet! :nice:
    Wish mine had a supercharger :(

  8. my buddy has been running his KB at 443/461 for over 50K (all stock engine) with absolutely no issues. he even runs it on the high side of the KB switch chip at the track every month or so. and this is the off the shelf tune from KB. i wouldnt worry about turning it down at all!!
  9. I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not sure.
  10. Looking good man, I am sure that the ride will be sweet even though you won't be the one driving it.
  11. i wish mine had a supercharger too. that kb doesnt do anything on the motor its just a model the screws dont move inside they just sit. its an all show no go car:jester:
  12. SWEET! :nice: All show no go FTMFW!!! :rock:

    So how long till you can drive it again? And I forgot, are you doing a custom tune or are you using the KB chip?
  13. Sweet man!! I am happy for ya, gonna be awesome! I am officially jealous...
    Nice job on the install as well! :D
  14. well its all finished now. thing is sweet. I am using the KB chip for now until i switch over to the all the sct stuff and get a custom tune then im getting the pro racer stuff too so i can do my own tunes after i get one custom tune.

    man that whine is the best. I am in love.
  15. 425hp....at the flywheel maybe? If you're talking rear wheels (which I assume you are considering the stats quoted in the rest of your statement) I wouldn't worry about it being anywhere close to that. Although they make a nice kit and really streetable power, never buy into the inflated claims of Kenne Bell's advertised power levels. I've almost never seen anyone crack 400rwhp with the 9psi pulley on pump gas with either the 1.7 or 2.1L kit. 375-390rwhp with his car is probably closer to the mark and that’s taking into account his modest exhaust work.....and auto’s generally, make even less than that!

    That being said, don’t get too wound up over dyno numbers 04GTMustang, you’ll still put enough jam down at the wheels to run into the 11’s with some traction and practice. And it’s going to make for a fun car any way you slice it. :nice:

    I would agree with a dyno tune with any blower set up.....and yes, the rods (and to a greater extent the pistons) in the 4.6L engines are pretty fragile. One bad detonation under load is all it takes in some cases. Tuned conservatively, he shouldn’t have any trouble with it though. I have seen them survive under 500rwhp in the past though, so I would be more concerned with the state of tune, than I would the actual dyno numbers in most cases.

    .....and it’s 1.7 or 2.1L, not 2.3L. That is unless he's replaced it with a Lysholm when none of us were looking? :D

  16. KB 1.7 9 PSI, intercooled, O/R x pipe, everything else stock.....................

    KB GT 1.7 9psi dyno video- Video
  17. yea im not worried about the dyno numbers really. ill get em where i want before too long. this thing is crazy though but its still no 200 shot lol:D