Lamborghini Doors...

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  1. cool
  2. and that my friend, is where you and i differ.
  3. Once again whatever.. I dont have any need to lie. So possibly I was misinformed and I was going off what Kenne Bell was qoute me for my set up.

    But I'm not lying about the car...
  4. ok, well, you dont need to keep posting a link to kenne bell's site and another thing is...i said it is awesome if you actually make those numbers..REGARDLESS, the blower is cool, but i think you may be only making 400-410rwhp and about the same range for torque
  5. make it larger mr.chop :fuss: i suk at life.
  6. if i blow it up from a smaller size, it will be too distorted
  7. That would be me :shrug:
  8. Misery ? Must be yours, not mine.
    Too bad we don't have guns in California like in Texas... I could fight back :flag:
  9. Nice car Joe-mama.

    Please don't ruin it with Lambo doors. :nonono:

    I don't doubt that you're running your KB at 14psi...that looks like the 14#pulley on there. Did a shop do the install for you? Is that a KB tune or a custom tune?

    I'd be surprised if your shop...and KenneBell...didn't warn you about the chances of smoking your internals running that kind of boost.

    You might want to save your Lambo door are going to need it for the motor.

  10. If you want the doors, get em. I didn't think I liked em on any cars either til I was lookin for a stang and some guy sent me an email about his vorteched faleen vert, which totally completely changed my mind. Looks killer to me and I was so close to buying it before my parents shut me down cuz it was too far away to get. I cry a little bit when I think about how I coulda been drivin this car around :nonono:

    I think its still for sale too, look at under customer rides. Seller was an awesome guy.

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  11. Good looking other then the doors and the wheels.
  12. When making a mod to a car with a guys name on it who you should respect in the automotive world, you have to ask yourself, would Steve Saleen put "Lambo" doors on his car? I mean, different strokes for different folks, but mustang guys have always been true to the MUSTANG and the blue oval. That may very well be an isult to Ford and Saleen. The import guys can TRY to make their cars look cool all they want, but not only Ford guys, but all lovers of Detroit steel are above that stuff and know their cars are cool from the factory. Just my opinion. You already have a hot car. Don't make it look like a fake.
  13. I did not read any of the posts. My .02 is that you will HATE getting in and out of the Stang. My friend did those doors on his Honda. He lost interest in using the car and sold it 2 months later. Just my opinion. Use the $$$ for other mods. If you do install the doors..good luck & enjoy.
  14. The doors are ugly and a pain to get in and out, anyways, I'd save for internals if I was you instead of wasting cash on something like lambo doors.
  15. +1...thats how i feel and i agree with the different strokes for different folks
  16. saleens7tt05_10.jpg


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  17. you want different doors? forget lambo doors that's like commonplace nowadays. i've seen far too many in the past few years for it to get a wow factor.

    go suicide doors..... and never look back! :)

  18. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

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