Let's rate the new Mustang

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2010 Mustang overall 1-10

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  1. I gave it a 3

    - the back reminds me of candy land. Those tail lights are really odd looking.

    - The front still looks like a ninja turtle because of the goofy bloated hood

    - it would do fine with that 315hp if it weighed as much as my optionless 96

    - the quarter windows are lame, still

    - The car is just way too tall below the waistline and reeks of the mopar "dub-styled" look

    - interior is nice, but the machined (faux or not) metal pieces are the hokey fad that everyone's going to remember about the 2005+cars (probably across all brands for that matter)

    - i never really thought the whole fisher price retro revival was all that cool in the first place, but I think it might actually be uncool by now. finally.

    I was hoping that ford in all of this would remember what really made the mustang memorable after the misplaced intentions of the 74-78 line up and bring back all of the great characteristics of the fox bodies, especially the cargo space.

    At one point in time the mustang was a simple performance car that was used by people on a day to day basis because it was quick, took well to modifications, and you could afford to beat on it. I'm actually a little disgusted that it's turned into this "it might be worth something someday so lets strap billet junk to it and hide it in the garage for as long as possible" abomination.

    Anyways, I've probably irritated enough of the fan base to shut up at this point.

  2. I do understand where your coming from Jeremiah, and although the base price for the 2011 Mustang will slightly increase. Also bear in mind, the base price for the 2011 Camaro will also increase as well.

    By the time it's all said and done, Mustang will still remain as the cheaper and better all around bargin. :nice:
  3. Man some of you guys are HARSH. Hey if it's more power you want, pay a little more and go for the supercharger. Proabably wouldn't be any more than the cost of a New Challenger or Camaro. If you really take a look at the bigger picture, we're probably just lucky to still have any muscle cars being produced today. I personally haven't seen it in person yet (the GT or the GT500) but those that I spoke with who have say it's much better in person than the pics. I will reserve any more of my opinions until I have seen it in person.

  4. I really dislike it. I was converted to Mustangs from a 4th gen Z28, mainly due to the cessation of Camaro production but nevertheless, the 2005 was an instant 10 out of 10 for me and a no-brainer to replace the Camaro and Corvette C5 Z06.

    I have no plans to sell my less than 10000 mile 2005 supercharged GT but if I was going to, it would be a Camaro not this monstrosity, that would be parked on my drive.