Looking for a pretentious hat to wear while driving my cabriolet

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  1. This was definitely one of the best threads ever. I forgot about it. Thanks for bringing it back
  2. Bump, only cause I found this before the old sea foam thread.
  3. This looks like a good hat to sport in a Stang..


    My favorite is the jester hat from Ronin38 above though. LMAO!!
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  4. Strong thread bump! :nice:
  5. It's nearly top-down weather. It's time to begin finding music suitable for wearing my hat with the top down.

    View: https://youtu.be/YIiglIKcTYI

    i intend to play this at level necessary to drown out the sound of all the jealousy from those driving lesser vehicles.
  6. When being tailgated by one of the plebs in one of their "utility" vehicles, there is nothing more satisfying than cranking up the Shaker 1000 system and driving slow to something with lots of frequencies below the 50 Hz level. 2Pac or Pitbull is recommended.

    It tells them "I am having a great time inside of my vehicle; this is the place where your girlfriend/wife is fantasizing she should be with her panties off in exhibition. You might as well end your- and your spawns'- life lest you look forward to an eternity of servitude to our chosen few".
  7. I was intrigued by the title and was not disappointed one iota by the entire thread. StatuKill, a tip of my cap to you for starting the thread and for deftly keeping it rolling along. One of the best threads I have come across. :cheers:

    One last thought, life is too short to limit yourself to just one pretentious topper.

  8. Forgive me if you wrote it in a thread earlier. You said you have a cabriolet which suggests to me European vehicle. What kind of vehicle do you drive? At first I thought it was a Mustang. Or is it a V6 Mustang. I recall you saying you didn't have a big engine. Just curious. Thanks. Like your comments btw.. very entertaining. LOL