Looking for notchback pics

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  1. I'm not in here, so guess I'll get in

  2. TrboFox, that is the most gorgeous notch I've ever seen... I think I've read your magazine spread about 50 times, absolutely sick man

    I feel dumb posting my car after seeing that, but here it is:


    (work in progres)

  3. um...........:eek:
  4. ^^^^Those are clean!!!! I love the dish dish rims, too bad they won't fit on the front.
  5. Thanks for the comps, you shouldn't feel dumb posting your notch it's reallly nice.
  6. More pics? Those chrome waffle ponys look badass :nice:
  7. [​IMG][/IMG]

    My stang
  8. Not the best pic, but here's mine...

  9. Wow.. this is OLD.. Here is the updated pics of my Notch.. still needs to be cleaned and have more things to add.. Rims need a good freakin polishing.

    View attachment 322371

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    View attachment 322373

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    View attachment 322380

    View attachment 322381

    View attachment 322382

    OLD Setup.. Upgraded to a Vortech.. No New Pics with Vortech Yet. Too Much to list done to the engine including MSD BTM & 6al
    View attachment 322383
  10. Sadly the waffles are going away for 18s in a couple weeks! But Thank You and heres another pic....

  11. Keepin it going!

  12. Hey Leroy, do you have a bigger pic of the blue Notch on the 18" Y2K's? I want to use it as a b/g.
  13. Actually i dont. I found that car on Corral.net . I think that was the only pic of it on there too. Sorry.

  14. Oh...a rare factory sunroof notch
  15. man i love notches id trade my 86 for one :)
  16. You've seen a black coupe before; here's an action shot of me in Turn 10 at TWS.

  17. This is a pic of a car that someone here photoshopped for me to resemble what I'm doing with mine.