Mac H = Lose Torque?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by DRock9, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. oh boy, here we go again :doh:
  2. I never liked gi joe's who cares how long youve been driving. You obviously dont know what your talking about, you say 4 stock cats will flow better then a free flowing pipe because it has more backpressure? What is backpressure? How does it work? You say an o/r hpipe helps up top, why? how do you figure? Why would cats restrict the car up top but not downlow, why would an o/r pi pe not be able to flow downlow but pick up at higher speeds? Do you blame it all on backpressure? Again what is backpressure? The term you should beusing is VELOCITY and cats does NOT give you more velocity. And I would not believe anything you are saying because like said before, its a mid pipe, stock, o/r or high flow cats you will FEEL NOTHING when your driving, and you have no numbers to prove your theory, so there are you. Your 20 or so years of driving has gotten you know where.
  3. agree'd. But how much torque is lost when people change the stock headers and h pipe on a stock motor? I wish T-Moss were here, or Michael Yount
  4. Maybe a little high (I said maybe), but you got the right idea
  5. Show me where I said this one thing and I will proceed to tell you about the other BS you pointed out!! And dont come back and say,oh,sorry dude I misread it!! Your up hot shot!:D
  6. youre not going to feel the power increase from exhaust. A dyno might tell you, but im convinced you wont feel it.
  7. Isnt the stock mid pipe a 2.25"? Aftermarket pipes are 2.5" This could be where the "backpressure" is going.
  8. I DID FEEL IT!! How many people do you know that put back the stock h pipe?
  9. So let me get this straight... A stock motored car with all the bolt ons will run faster and make more torque with a stock 4 cat, non mandrel bent 2 1/4" Mid pipe, than it would with a 2 1/2" mandrel bent off road midpipe...

    You might be the dumbest guy on here this week.

    And in 1982, I was not born yet, but the funny thing is, you apparently havent learned much in that time before I was born!

    I love how flow tests mean nothing, but your SOTP meter is what counts, DUMBA$$!
  10. Show me where I said this one thing and I will proceed to tell you about the other BS you pointed out!! And dont come back and say,oh,sorry dude I misread it!! Your up hot shot!
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    you started, you say things that I dont,could you please find this so people will know you dont make up your own stuff as your going along?

    I agree with everything said here.
  12. Im sorry. I dont see how. I went from stock to off road to high flow back to off road on my 94. Never could I "feel" a difference. sounded different though.
  13. Another guy who makes up his own novels. Yeah, I know how fast your running in the 1/4 and how stock your motor is!:rolleyes: All I said is I bought an off rd h pipe had it put on and noticed a loss in low end torque. Enough of a loss to make me put my stock H back on. Say what you will, but you have to be the biggest liar on here. Your motor isnt even CLOSE to stock!!
  14. HP and torque will increase across the board.
  15. All Im saying is that YES you can go TOO big, putting a 3" exhaust on my car will make me lose torque, but because the exhaust will have little velocity, NOT have no "backpressure"

    So what im suggesting is on a stock motored stock headed car, a 2.5" mid p ipe MAY be TOO big. But in no way is the cats helping it gain more velocity, its the smaller piping of the stock mid pipe. The thing that your wrong about is that your suggesting a mid pipe with high flow cats will be better because he will have more bacpressure! High flow cats are not made for performance or torque on stock engines. They are made to pass emissions and still flow good. Now the size of the piping will determine how much torque you lose, but restricting the exhaust with cats WILL NOT give you torque, its that simple.
  16. i would have to agree. I dont see how it wouldnt.
  17. Im waiting?
  18. I shaved 2/10 off and picked up 2mph in the 1/8th with off road hpipe.
  19. I lost 2 tenths going from 373's to 410's!! But lets not jack the thread any further!
  20. i hope yall work this out. Im going to bed now. To the original question: An off road hpipe is worth the money. hands down. goodnight!
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