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  1. is your slp x pipe catted? also do you have the maf? with it
  2. It's just your average plain-jane CAI. Worthless. Get a plastic tube w/ open-element filter if anything.
  3. 47 :eek: that sounds like a great deal of hp from just those 4 mods thats more then 10 hp per mod on avg
  4. I totally believe the 47hp.

    MM&FF got either 17 or 22hp on a bonestock 96-98 GT with the SLP exhaust. And SLP claims 30hp on a bone stock 2k3 GT. Yes I know it includes the LT headers, but still...

    If it is 25hp with the CAI and 22hp with the X and Catback and TB, I bet there's probably another 15hp in the headers. It's like an exponential efficiency. Seperately, small change, but together Ka-ching.
  5. 33rhwp with a full SLP exhaust including LTs on a stock GT.
    still..17rhwp on a stock GT with only a CAI...that's hard to believe
  6. And who would have believed we could get 5-10 RWHP with an air filter 5 or so years ago?

    anything is possible.
  7. I was going to respond the fact that it is quite obvious you know nothing about ambient temperture. However I think I'll read a bit more and see what
    these other knowledgeable folks have to say. Then I'll come back and chat to ya ALL.
  8. hmmm seems like bs to me.. .25hp for intake?...
  9. I read the article (sure others did too) about the SLP system putting on the hp. It was something like 40 (not too sure right now) from the long tubes, catless xpipe, and exhaust. Total it's about 1700$. The SLP xpipe is a bit pricey (like 450ish) and so are the headers. From "their dyno" it does indeed rate about 40hp with those mods.
  10. DUDEMAN 47,

    reread it, it was a CATTED xpipe and more like $1500.
  11. all this yappin when a simple dyno sheet could end it all, if no one comes up with one it makes it look like an awful lot like bs
  12. I'm still in love with my C&L stuff. C&L tru-fit, man you should see that filter. It is a BEAST. the inlet pipe fits PERFECTLY. I'm not using their throttle body though, using a BBK 75 mm but with C&L's upper plenum.
  13. im still waiting for the guy who gaind 47 hp two the wheels to say if his slp pipe was catted and if he used the stock maf or the one that comes with the mac unit????? this would tell if this thing works well or not, because he dont have many other mods. i still dont know what seperates this from other cai except for the maf? :shrug:
  14. 20HP on a CAI, LOL
  15. Bump, this thread bothers me cause its still not solved :p I need more proof, cause even 10 rwhp from a CAI would make me purchase it, I always assumed they were nearly worthless though (3 or 4 horsepower at best, and 99% of it coming from the new filter)
  16. I have a premonition..... :eek:
  17. Mac Intake

    Lots of people. Do a search on that intake, there are claims from 5 to 30hp.
    Every company selling it has something diff. on it. The only claim I've seen thus far is 5hp over your current current cold air intake. But without a dyno, it means nothing. I can tell you one thing, theres a noticable difference over a full densecharger system.
  18. what size is the stock maf???? if you were to try this strait shot system, would it bolt right yop with say a 85mm maf, or will that make you run too lean? and i thought changing the maf messed up the idel of the car and made it run rough? is there a special way to make this new mac setup work without those problems? i hear they dont send you any install directions.

    one other point mac claims all kind of crazy hp #s in their adds. like 15rwhp with their cai. i have it it sucks.