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  1. i have the mac straight shot mass air system (the one with the maf) and i seriously doubt i got 20 hp from the exagerated most i prob got 15...but im guessing 8-12 hp....that said... i was very pleased with it i would recommend it to only complaint is that the filter has a tendency after a few weeks of driving to come loose from the rubber tube connecting it to the maf. Ive had to put it back in place and re-tighten it 2 or 3 more times already and ive only had it for about 2 months now.
  2. its so damn new that i dont know ne body that has installed and dynod it yet...but umm...20 hp on a NA 2v engine.. :bs:
  3. The clamps are junk. Two broke on me and I wasn't even getting them tight.
  4. Here's what I was told on the straight shot w/ 85mm. Disconnect the battery to reset the comp. ( I do that anyways) and drive the car for 20 minutes or so after install, don't just start it to see if it runs then turn it off and go inside. I don't have any funky idol problems, my car doesn't die when coming to a stop. My only complaint about my car is the 3650 in it.

    Mac's old Cai is the reason they came out with this new one, its crap.
  5. yah looks like im fixin to have to go buy a new clamp..its starting to tee me off...but as far as looks and performance i was proud of it and have no complaints in that area
  6. We need a petition to get MAC to put out some dyno graphs. :shrug:
  7. on monday i'm going to see if i can get my shop to get one in & i'll put it on the dyno. assuming they are not overbooked & can get it in by my next day off, i'll be happy to be a test mule :D plus i need a cold air, so why not give this a whirl :nice:
  8. sounds good to me..thanks !!!!!!
  9. riddle me this riddle me that..installed mac straight her tuned and dynod..hmm 12 hp gain from after and before..better than bbk;)
  10. with MAF or without? Remember that the dyno tune is usually good for about 10 horsepower too, lol.
  11. Sorry,but not to argue,but it is still a chrome plated tube,which means it doesn't like heat. :shrug:
    Might be alright for the first 10 minutes or so of cruisin',but after the engine compartment is warm :notnice: .... :nonono:
  12. 1 doenst get nearly as hot as u think it's made from a diff kinda steal..not the one that the old mac used and bbk, etc.

  13. no, get a boost pipe. they are proven to add 1-3 psi and 20+ rwhp.
  14. Whole post should be deleated..........

    This system is not any better then what is already out there.

    Just a new marketing tool to sell CAI in a saturated market.

    I went with Volant, much better CAI. (looks and color)

    Just too rich for most people so the Volant gets a bad rap.

    Do your home work people, get a CAI that looks good to you.

    Have the car tuned to the CAI for best results and call it good.

    Heavily modded cars see the most benefit from a CAI, not a stock car.

    The throttle response is from the engine leaning out, fooling you the HP comes from the CAI.

    My 2cents
  15. Waitin' on a DYNOGRAPH....
  16. i wouldnt minda boost pipe..who makes good ones?
  17. What does teh mean? I believe that is not a word.
  18. it's like a running joke on the internet. instead of saying the you say "teh" and then if you wanted to say the loss or loser or something you'd say "teh lose"
  19. Me thinks you need a boost MAKER before you start thinking about adding a boost PIPE. :bang:
  20. Straight shots looks like a K&N Gen II. except one is plastic vs metal tube. I would assume any improvement would be similar.