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  1. Took another look at the vents. Oops, too far from the windshield, so hopefully vent only. I need to do this or louvers to a muscle car that lifts the front end at highway speed and does not cool so well at 75 mph.
  2. They are meant to be heat extractors. As the air hits the front of the hood and flows up and over the vents, it should create a suction that pulls the hot air out from the radiator fan pulling it through the radiator. Maybe it works, maybe it doesnt, but at least its just one more thing to make the truck a little more "mine." The more I look at them the more I may cut them into a shape of some sort rather than plain jane rectangles.
  3. I dont know if I mentioned it, but the truck has had low RPM drive ability issues and running warmer than normal ever since I overheated it the night I drove home with the flex fan drilling a hole in the radiator during a transmission test drive. I read up on the symptoms and it sounds like I blew a head gasket, or both. So here is where I am as of tonight.


    As you can see, this gasket is off the drivers' side head and appears to have blown between each cylinder (to the best of my knowledge).


    I came to this conclusion, because looking at the passenger head mating surface, you can see full complete rings around each cylinder to indicate a good seal.


    Versus looking back at the driver's side. These pics are with only soaking up the antifreeze off the head gently with paper towels, no wiping them at all.


    Anyway, the cylinder walls look good, I am going to check the deck surfaces with a straight edge to be sure they are not warped, and button it all back up with fresh gaskets. While this would be a great time to upgrade several things, its just not in the budget at the moment for my beater truck. I did find out that the intake runners on the heads are bigger than that of the Edelbrock intake itself, so the DooE heads arent the bottleneck of the engine as much as say E7's on a 302. Also, they gasket matched the exhaust manifolds to the heads, and I have 1.6 roller rockers as well. Fun stuff.




    One last thing... How do you guys recommend I remove all the carbon build up on the valves, heads and pistons while I have it apart?
  4. A small yield thermo-nuclear device should clean everything up nicely.

    I'd look for something in the 2-5KT yield range personally, don't want to go too big with those things.:rolleyes:

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  5. I like the way you think, except one thing. Where does this guy live?
  6. In Iran.
  7. That works then.
  8. Well, in actuality I don't have any friends.
    Especially middle eastern terrorists.
  9. Thanks for the info assholes.
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  10. Or you could take them to a machine shop and have them ck'd since you have potentially warped them as a result of the overheat. Head gaskets don't blow just for s hits and grins.

    Personally, I don't think you blew a gasket. The chambers are too carboned up. Usually when water finds it's way into your combustion chamber, the engine smokes, smells like antifreeze in the exhaust, and the offending chamber is as clean as a babies ass after a bath.

    Besides, those heads are real load layers. They must have chambers big enough to actually bathe a baby in.

    Find some C9ae's or D0ve's. Better yet, put some aftermarket head on there and be a man.
  11. Best post in this thread so far. :lol:
  12. Have a machine shop check them and they will clean them up really good too. Hell, maybe the machine shop has something lying around for cheap that are better.
  13. Not a bad idea guys. I would love to put some aftermarket heads on it, but just dont have the expendable funds laying around at the moment. Wouldnt hurt to ask if any local shops have some used heads for it though. I could scrounge a little bit.
  14. At low RPM's, it would sputter and blow white smoke. If nothing else comes of this, I enjoy this work since my garage is the perfect temp this time of year. Im having fun, and got to explore what parts have been thrown in the engine already.
  15. Got the heads back from the shop. They milled .006 off them, and said everything else checked out great. I was also told the port work was impressive, and after they hot tanked them they looked good as new. After a trip outdoors for a walk on some trails with the fam, and then mowing the yard, I finally got a little time to work. I got all the gasket surfaces clean, made sure the cylinders were clean of dirt and old gasket material, and slapped the heads and intake on. The rockers are just sitting there, Mom called me in for dinner before I could start tightening them down.



    My garage helper.


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  16. I know, she wouldnt even bring me a beer.
  17. And so, its back together and running great. I made a couple small adjustments on the carb, and it feels like a new engine. Set the timing at 17*, filled her up with 91, and Im back to business.


    View attachment 181948

    After getting it to sit a little lower, I had developed some ridiculous wheel hop. I added a pair of Jegs brand universal traction bars, and they are worth their weight in gold. While I dont get sh*t for traction, the hop is gone and burnouts are perfect!



    And I elected to remove the dual droners, and installed a single Magnaflow muffler in their place. Saved myself about 7.53 lbs doing that, but I still need to get my tail pipes installed. (Purposely didnt clean it for you before the pic, @madmike1157 )


    Once my exhaust is done, I will have a buddy film me on a closed course performing for you good ol' boys. I just bought a set of winter tires, so I am not scared to use up what is left of the tread on the current tires.
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  18. :pop:

    I like this thread. Waiting for said 'closed course action'.
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