Magnaflow Exhaust 2005 GT System Pictures

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by GNN60GT500, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. when things just come out they are always more expensive. The exhaust had to be completely reengineered and that tax money. Im sure prices will come down after awhile.
  2. heres my question if the stock is 2.5 mandrel and the magnaflow is mandrel why not just swap mufflers and tips, also is there any room to put the mufflers in a position like they should be, midway under the car, not at the tip like some *** mobile. looks better than stock but for 700 bucks magnaflow better come to my house install and give me a tugjob
  3. Sound. That's the only reason.
  4. There is no room at all under the car anywhere else before the axle....that is unless you like the look of sparks coming from underneath everytime you would go over a me......we tried several diffrent combinations.....

    and there was not enough clearance...not even mentioning what happens when people start lowering their cars....

    Why a cat back, and not just muffler replacement?

    Also....with our tubing before the axle, we were able to eliminate 4 bends and there is a section where the factory tubing is crushed that we were able to eliminate, so it is not just replacing piping with piping......
  5. what about the magnapacks or slps would they rub, or glasspacks even. guess id run straights if bought one of the new 05's. too bad i hate the look of them
  6. $445 for muffs and tips? and $100 more for SS piping you already have?

    look good though

  7. why would you get a different sound from going from stock 2.5" Mandrel bent pipe to an aftermarket 2.5" Mandrel bent pipe.

    Its the same thing?

    So, the orignal questions stands....why would anyone get the catback system, and not save money and get the axle back system?

    Are we missing something?

    Also, is Magnaflow here in Orange County?
  8. Yes, in RAncho Santa Margarita. And go reread GNN60GT500 last response. He answered your questions already.
  9. Hey GNN60GT500, what will the Magnapack mufflers look like? Will they be round like the SN95 'packs?

    If they are they better be hidden reall well becasue they will look a whole lot like fart cans. :( The tips aren't THAT big, but I think 3.5" would look more subtle and not as attention grabbing, its like -LOOK AFTERMARKET EXHAUST!!!!!-
  10. Great job of hiding those mufflers! That is my only problem with the 05 mustangs is that you can see the mufflers on it.

    I've got a magnaflow cat back on my 01 and love it :)
  11. well thats what u use profits saved up from past products for. u dont jack up rpices to pay for money already spent.
  12. First off, I didn't call anyone a ricer because they don't agree with the price change. Don't worry, there will be some cheap $300 systems out there that will be all aluminized (piping and mufflers) :nice: . Second, I paid $520 for my Maganflow catback on my old 89 GT, so that price seems fair to me.
  13. THANK YOU! Looks liked you solved the problem of the bad looking muffs hanging under the car. That alone will help sell 05's and your great exhausts too.
    Man - I was worrying about the back of the cars - now I can see how tuff it's going to look when I'm passin someone.

  14. The mufflers give the sound, not the piping size.

    And, I don't really have any money concerns, so I bought the one that should bolt on easier.
  15. i paid 325 for mine
  16. I know that's not the normal price, did you get it on sale :nice: ???
    Makes me wish I would have shopped for mine.
  17. That was the normal price, until last year when Magnaflow jacked up their prices for no reason other than to make more profit. :nonono: Ryan makes many good points, and I agree with him.
  18. I agree, Ryan does make good points. Most of the time when a new company comes out with a new product it's going to cost more than the previous model. In this case there is no previous model, so maybe Magnaflow is trying to capitalize off of the consumer :nonono: . I bet it will go down in price within 1 year.

    I wonder if it's a full stainless steel setup???? That might account for the price hike :shrug: .
  19. Magnaflow has been stainless steel for quite a while now. Magnaflow has done a considerable amount of growth in the last 5 years. As it was before, the top two stainless steel companies were Borla and Bassani. At the time, people considered them big dollar exhaust but they were the most desirable. Mustangers went for Flowmaster for that traditional muscle car sound, and it was lower priced but lower quality. Magnaflow got their name out and grew because they offered stainless construction at a Flowmaster price. Eventually everybody caught onto this and started buying like crazy. Magnaflow reacted with their price hike last year. No longer are they a cheap alternative. They are the top dawgs along with Bassani and Borla now. This has become more apparant with the release of the new 05 Mustang exhaust, and their new high dollar titanium exhaust line they have released fairly recently. Im not saying its wrong and it is good for them, but it does mean that you as a consumer will be paying more money for no real reason other than the name, as Ryan was originally getting at. As for the price going down in a year, I dont bet, I guarantee not.
  20. That won't make to many people happy then :bang: . I now the mufflers are stainless but the rest of the piping, excluding the tips, are aluminized. In the underneath pic, the piping looks like they could be stainless.