major blower heat soak! cant seem to figure it out?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by ADRENLN, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. Adrenln- dude im sorry to hear ur having such a beat down with ur car. I'm running the same setup as you except i dont have a built block.

    I have a blowthru setup and its setup exactly like yours. My IAC routes the same, and the one side of the powerpipe is plugged too. The only diff is i'm running the Lightning MAF with a diablo MAFia.

    I dont have any probs with my idle or engine temps and i can sit at my work parking lot with it idling for 30 min at lunch with the AC full blast in 106 deg weather. I have a Saleen Hood that has two vents in it kinda like the 03/04 cobra hood. I dont know what to tell u about ur car besides def def def find a new shop. Somebody should be able to figure out that crap easily at a good shop.
  2. thanks man and thanks to everyone that is trying to help. i will def. let you guys know what the problem is when it is figured out.

    i said that my current guys had one last chance and he used it. i have it going to a new shop on aug 5th. we will see what they have to say. i hope not alot has to be changed because i have no money left.

    however, we will see. i know the aluminum block creates more heat, but i am pertty sure guys with aluminum blocks with centri blowers have their cars running right.....right?
  3. Have you datalogged anything like I suggested? Thats the ONLY way to really know whats happening.

    Also, having your MAF right after a bend like that is a BAD idea. It needs a good 8 inches of straight pipe before and after the MAF to get a clean signal.

    Datalog, datalog, datalog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Log ECT temp. IAT1 temp, RPM, throttle position ab, MAF voltage, MAF AD counts, airflow #/min, Pressure drop accross fuel injectors, Spark. and Fuel pump duty cycle. Then post or PM me the log in the .csv format.
  4. i think you may have an extreme lean condition at idle. running lean will produce very hot temps! if it drives fine until it sits that would point to either a lean condition or a problem with the cooling system. i dont think it is a cooling problem b/c i have the stock cooling system and no problems with mine at all.
  5. well, i wish i could data log but i have nothing to data log with. i think the new shop im going to go to will do all that stuff and i they will find out whats going on.

    i guess i have to wait to the 5th to get some news. ill keep you guys informed.

    crap having the maf on a bend is bad huh? what a jack ass to put it like that.

    maybe the new shop will convert it to drawthrough. i kind like the idea of blowthrough but we will see.
  6. Opps, I didnt meant to imply my engine has forced induction. Im all motor man!
  7. I noticed that bend in front of the MAF, but I kept forgetting to mention it!

    I know the maf is "360 degree", but I still think the bend would through it off. Go for a drive tonight and datalog. Hotmustang looked at my datalogs when I was having issues, they have all been worked out now :nice:
  8. wow, thats awsome and nice of you hotstang! i wouldnt know what the heck i was doing even if i had a data logging tool. ill get some things ironed out with the new shop soon. :nice:
  9. Do you not have a handheld tuner? Like and Xcal2 or diablo?
  10. no i dont have one. i think i will be getting one fron the new shop with the new sct stuff and tune.....bye diablo!
  11. i didnt think anyone used diablo to tune with anymore
  12. +1, most shops that us diablo suck from my personal experience. :rolleyes:
  13. Please stay with SCT. More options as far as tuners go, and the best in the nation use SCT. I never hear much about diablo....but switching to diablo will make ZERO difference vs SCT power wise. Infact I believe a GOOD tuner can get your tune dialed in BETTER with SCT, as their software has some pretty indepth features for tuners where they can go in and change things so certain settings taht are not ususally changable, match what main changes the tuner is making.
    Its simple to tune a car to run good and make X power.....but the hard part is getting the tune TRUELY RIGHT without fooling the EEC at all.
    Persons like James @ RWTD, Tim @ MPH, Rick @ Amazon and a few others TRUELY know what they heck they are doing and spend time getting the tune RIGHT.
  14. yes, i will be going drom diablo to the sct stuff!
  15. Did you fix your car?!?!
  16. I am anxious to here the conclusion to this story, as well.. Keep us updated!
  17. .......................................................................waiting...........................................................
  18. hey guys! thaanks for keeping the thread alive and still having interest in the situation. my car went to the new shop today. i hund there with the guys while they were trying to figure out the prob.

    i dont know if they are right yet, but the think the following according to their hand helf tuning devices.

    they think that the o2 sensors are too far away and are not being heated up enough. they checked the temps of everything and things seemed fine. however, once the car was turned off and sat for 15 min. then started again. the strang idel and richness came on as usual.

    he said it is because when the car is running and moving that the 02's are hot enough but when it is turned off they cool. when i go to turn the car on the computer of the car is going crazy trying to add fuel because the 02 are too cool.
    he explained it much better then i can and even showed me on the hand held what was going on. he said that the 02 readings were supposed to be at a certain level but they werent even changing much.

    he seemed to know what he was talking about and i told him to go and give me the full SCT tuning, dyno, and hand held.

    so we will see what goes on. he said he will get back to me on the new abaco meter, if he can use it or not. there is some cable needed to use it and hes not sure if he has something that will work. he never used the abaco maf yet. ill find out tomorrow if everything is going smooth and ill give you guys the update.

    also i had a post a while ago for people that were guessing the rwhp with my current set up. i didnt forget those who guessed and i will make a thread once i recieve the final dyno numbers once i get everything buttoned up.

    so if they are correct, it boils down to the fact that my tuner didnt know that the 02 were being effected. he should have been able to tell this was the case, these guys could see it in their sct tuning devise.

    you would think the diablo device could see this also. maybe he just didnt figure it out.
  19. glad to hear somebody at the new shop has a clue to whats going on. Hope the new shop gets it all worked out and u can get ur car running like it should.

    Also, do you really need the o2 sensors? I thought mine were turned off thru the sct hand tuner so it doesnt throw a code. Or maybe its just 2 of them that are turned off because of my O/R x pipe, i dont remember.
  20. you need the front 2 O2 sensors, the rear ones are not needed