Megan ~ Stangette of the month.

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  1. You sent us a pic? What was your sn??

  2. I was just kidding about the pic. I mean, I do have pics of me working on my car....they aren't very sexy. :) Anyway, have fun with your site.

    ...and I'll keep waiting for that website for men who love Mustangs, and for the women who love men who love Mustangs....

  3. Why? You have a thing for beer guts?

    If so I'm your Man! :nice:
  4. Is there any particular reason this is all I see when I go to the site?


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  5. Honey, you would be surprised what we men find sexy.
  6. Honey, you would be surprised what we women find sexy.

  7. Sounds like we have a match!! :cheers:
  8. :eek:

    Oh for the love of god.... PLEASE! DO NOT POST BEERGUT PICS ON HERE! I would rather keep my eyesight for at least a few more years.....

    I'll second the greasy chick theory.... nothings hotter than a chick, dirty, working on her car... :nice:

  9. AHHHH CRAP. I must have the worst car here....................

    Vinyl top & White. :rolleyes: J/K

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  10. I guess you don't want to see the accompanying Man Tits either.

  11. :rolleyes: The point I was trying to make was that while most women enjoy looking at hunky male underwear models, they also find regular guys, flaws and all, sexy. C'mon guys ... post those pics! It's only fair.

    Charming as always. LOL

    77 coupe V6
  12. [​IMG]

  13. That's what I'm talking about! :nice: What a cute smile! who's next???


    77 coupe V6
  14. Oh lord... this is interesting. lol
  15. Here's me durring what little free time I have...

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  16. I give up :rolleyes:


    77 coupe V6
  17. here's a couple of me! :rolleyes: