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  1. Okay guys I know there are a lot of veterans here. I have a question. I have wanted to be a pilot all my life (and maybe one day go to space, but that is just an added + if I do, but don't know if it would happen), my grades were great, vision is beyond perfect and am in good physical shape. Now I came very close to signing up for the Air Force when I graduated high school. Unfortunately my parents flipped out and my father went ape on me considering such a decision. (Worried that I will die) After all this I was going to go but changed my mind because I was too worried that I would sign the paper for the wrong reason, (to piss off my father)and have regrets. Now I keep coming back to this again, so this is making me think I know it is what makes me happy and what I would like to do. I would love to do this as a job, want to help people, and do something meaningful not to mention fun. That is why I am wanting to become a fighter pilot preferably on the F-22 raptors. I would like to know what is entailed, what to expect from it, the lifestyle, and if it is okay to be thinking like this?
  2. If you want to fly, you need to go to college. Get a 4 year degree, then apply to the service of your choice.
  3. Right! Getting the 4 year degree is a must! If you want to fly DO NOT listen to a recruiter tell you to go in as enlisted then change over later (they tend to stretch the truth). Then as noted above go to the different services and see which one will sign you up in a pilot program.
  4. You can always go to the AF Academy but you have to get recommendations. Ck with the academy on this NOT a recruiter. When I was in, you couldn't choose the aircraft you get to fly, the AF will put you where they have an opening for pilots. I think you fill out a wish list and if they have an opening they'll send you to flight training for that aircraft. Every pilot I knew wanted to be a fighter jock. If the academy is out of the question, get your 4yr degree then sign up or do ROTC in college. My brother did.

    My son is thinking of joining the navy. My only stipulation is that he fully understands what he's getting into. Don't sign up if you don't understand the purpose of the military. Don't sign up if you don't understand you're government property. The military is not a death sentence. I had lots of good times and I enjoyed my time in. Too many people signed up in the late 80s & early 90s for the education benefits and whined when deployed for Desert Shield/Storm. Remember, government comes first, all else is secondary. The chain-of-command is everything.
  5. You can become a warrant officer (chopper pilot) in the Army with an associate's degree, last I checked.

    Its not the wide-blue-yonder, but it is off the ground ;)
  6. Thanks guys, I am at the University right now. I have finished all my generals, but am having trouble choosing a major like a lot of new college students. Is their an age requirement to be a pilot? I ask because I have used a lot of AP credit and am only 18 and may have my 4 year degree done at 20 or even 19 if I push it. Also are there any majors that would give me an edge over others, if not I will do something that can be used as a backup if this fails. I can get letters of recommendation from the governor so that will help. Also about the lifestyle I have a good idea about what it is like, but if anybody has firsthand experience that would help. Also am curious about salary i don't expect much but i need to be able to make a living. Also about the ROTC when I talked to the recruiter last year he said that I would need to go to the ROTC and go through officer training. What all is entailed with this? There is one at Fort Douglas at my University, I just have no clue about it. Can I just take it like a class to go through officer training? Or do I need to enlist before I do that? Sorry if these are dumb questions, it is a big decision and I want to do it properly. I am going to be seeing a recruiter again sometime in between my finals next week.
  7. First on the "rot-see" : Things may have changed since I was looking at that some 20-(How many years was that??? 1970-when?) ago; but you used to basically go through boot camp and a "90-day-wonder" course; then back to college until Uncle Sugar wanted to send you to some exotic land, meet interesting people, and kill them. I was looking long and hard at that; and would have joined, except I blew out my knee in high school and they suddenly didn't want to talk to me anymore. :shrug:

    As far as the military way of life; I have it on good authority (my daughter Trish, aka "1/2NoKitten") that given the opportunity to pick her posts, she'd stay in for a very long time. She's really having fun in her MOS as a Vet Tech (91T) in the Army. Her only big grump is that she's stationed in Ft Polk, Louisiana; which apparently makes Yuma, AZ look awfully good in hindsight. Her husband ("NoKitten") is stationed over on the other side of the world in Korea; I'm pretty sure HE has some thoughts on the subject; and will chime in as soon as he can get his laptop thawed out! :p
  8. as far as majors go, any of the technical majors, physics, mathmatics, engineering, and sciences all help get you in the technical fields over things like english, liberal arts and poly sci. if i were in your shoes i would choose a major like aerospace and or mechanical engineering, make that one a double major in my opinion. i would also recomend taking as many computer courses as you can in the time you have. all these will help. i would also recomend that you get some flight training as well, perhaps even get your private license.
  9. I would like to get some flight training that would be nice. I was going to start doing that when I was 15 and join CAP. Again parents freaked out and that was a no go. I will look into those majors more and figure out which one I would like to do. Thanks guys I appreciate all the help so far.
  10. Pick a degree that you can use on the outside. Nothing garunteed in the miltary.

    You could get a degree in military science, then blow your knee out and be discharged.

    also, if you want to become an officer. Go to school then go in. Do not enlist them try to get your commission. It will take at least twice as long.
  11. Don't ever listen to what a recruiter tells you either, they will promise you almost anything to get you to sign on. Finish college, then worry about joining.

    An ex-girlfriend of mine had her masters degree and the recruiter told her that she had to sign up as an enlisted before she could apply for Officer. Needless to say she got screwed over, the Navy made her wait until her inital enlistment was completed ( 4 years later) before sending her to Officer Candidate school.

  12. Dots are the coolest. Comm Officers can get big egos and have issues sometimes. Dots are cooler, especially my shop OIC.

    Well, now that it's thawed, I'd say get a 2 year, do basic, WOCS and flight school and fly choppers. Much cooler than fixed wing. Airborne is cool, but air assault is fun! And if you are set on fixed wing, Army has some of them too. Only our top warrants fly fixed wing.

  13. No offense intended, but what's your parents' problem?
  14. Heh Heh I don't mind you can say what you like. Ronstang said the same thing. My parents are very overprotective, and think that me going into the military is basically like me signing my own death certificate. They are having trouble accepting that their boy has grown up. Same with when I wanted to start flying, they were worried that I would crash and die if I go in a plane. (My mom has a fear of flying so she couldn't rest easy, she has a weak heart and I don't want to cause her pain for no reason, so I quit) They also think that with all my potential (grades and whatnot) that military is a waste of time. My father had served in the military so that is another reason, is because he hated it, that is what pushed him to go to school. I do not agree with them on this, it is what makes me happy, and there is no such thing as wasted potential if you do what you want. Chopper pilot sounds fun but I would rather fly jets it is what I always wanted, and maybe one day I can go to space with enough experience. I know it sounds silly but it is a dream that I keep coming back to everytime I am pushed away from it.
  15. Well I want to thank you guys for all your good advice. The final thing I am going to do is visit the recruiting office and get a little more info so I can work towards my goal. What sort of questions should I make sure to ask? What should I avoid? And judging by what everyone has said I will not sign any of the papers until I have my degree and am ready to go for it. Sound right to you guys? :shrug: Just these final questions left. Thanks again guys.
  16. Alright I also have chosen Major in Architecture that I can fall back on because I enjoy it as well. I am also getting a minor in aerospace. I will also start a bit of flight training and once I am done with the schooling part. I will go into the ROTC and go from there I will talk to a recruiter about this. Part of the Aerospace minor requires me to go through 6 weeks basic training, would I be able to do that without enlisting. It is listed as AERO3000 class.
  17. Fort Polk is the worst place on the planet. The worst!

    I spent 3 years in the Army, and had a real ****ty experience at Ft Polk. Man I hate that place, but I'm black so it might be better without that added baggage. I thought about reuping and going to warrant officer school after I got my associate degree, but then I thought what if they want to station me at Polk again and it didn't seem worth it.

    Okay so what they said about the recruiter is true. Do not trust those guys. Confirm everything they tell you with another source. Don't forget that once you sign and take the oath you are U.S. property and they'll do with you, pretty much, as they please. I personally think that the Air Force is the best branch to serve under. They treat their people best. Good food, good housing, and less B.S..

    Be prepared for the political side of the military. Brown nosers, and *******s usually get to the top, so you will have to be able to deal with them somehow. (I just stayed away from them. Did my job and tried to keep from getting noticed.)

    The advice the guys gave on your studies is right on. Computer skills are a must and will be useful when you get out of the service. Aerospace is going to be a lot of fun. I assume that it requires you to take a bunch of math classes. Probably calculus is the most useful of all of them. Trig is very annoying but it is the other math that you will see the most in engineering.

    Why the 6 weeks of basic? What is that, basic flight training?

    At any rate good luck!
  18. I have the computer skills, I am going to find a way to get the flight practice into it as well. I have all my math and what not done through AP. I will probably have a my degree and all this stuff finished up by the time I am 20 years old and then the fun starts hopefully. The aerospace minor is actually setup by the airforce ROTC all the classes are like History of the Airforce, Strategic Tactics, Development of Avionics, and stuff like that. The one class is the 6 weeks of basic training. I think it is to get us into physical shape so that we can be ready to go. I love math, unfortunately I got it all done with AP, I have to do some physics for my degree in architecture so that will be nice. I chose the degree in architecture because it was the other option I looked at because I enjoy it, so if for some reason I can't become a pilot, (injury or not qualified enough) I didn't end up wasting 4 years of my life and can still make a living. I am hoping I can do this so bad. I have had a lot of people trying to talk me out of it, and say that they will tell me I will be a pilot and whatnot and then they will take me and stick me on the front lines. You know the typical liberal squabble. (enjoy all the benefits without the sacrifice) Kept telling me to go and become a pilot privately. Nobody even my parents don't understand that I WANT to fly for the AIRFORCE, to protect and to serve, have some thrills, and maybe one day go to space. Not be a commercial pilot I wish I could make them see that. It feels great to finally know where I am going and have a goal again, I haven't felt this way for a long time. And I appreciate all your guys's input, hopefully I will get where I want to with all your advice.
  19. You should go find a fighter pilot and have a long talk. has a lot of members from different career fields. I'm sure you can find that this question has already been asked there. I did the Linguist write-up there. Recruiters lie. That is not always true, but a safe bet. Do your research.
  20. Alright guys I am going in tomorrow to talk with the ROTC and get signed up. I talked with them over the phone and they said that it is usually a 3 year program for the minor in aerospace and training to become an officer. I may be able to get my basic classes done and begin basic training in the summer and fall. All the meanwhile pursuing a bachelors in architecture. We will see what happens.