Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator off of ebay!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by fish254, May 27, 2007.

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  1. well i was the first one to find it on ebay so after debaiting for a while where to buy it or not i purchased it i cant believe how a good fitment it has also great quailty cant go wrong for the price 200$$ :D
  2. :worthlesb

    Was it a direct fit, or did you have to make/modify the brackets? That's a very good price for a direct fit radiator! (I'm assuming it's an upgrade to the stock one and not just a stock replacement)
  3. wasn't moshimoto a fake brand from fast and furious?? lol as long as it fits and doesnt leak i guess
  4. :lol:

    how many rows is it?
  5. Core Size: 609mm x 398mm
    Rows: 2
    Inlet: 38mm
    Outlet: 45mm
    Core Thickness: 52mm
    Tank Wall Thickness: 2mm



  6. direct fit droped right in great!! i would post pics but i dont know how too some one help
  7. Dangit, you beat me to it :stupid:
  8. Just purchased one, got the 94-95 Manual for $205 shipped to my door. Thier feed back is also outstanding. Quality of the radiator looks awesome. This will be replacing my stock one. Even comes with a 1 year warranty.

    Here is thier webiste also: http://www.mishimoto.com/

  9. Hows your temps been?, has it been a noticable difference?

    I really need a new radiator, these 90+ degree days the ol stang runs pretty hot.
  10. I would buy one but is there a way to remove the painted name on it?
  11. I remember back in my HVAC days, when we would do PM's we would use this coil cleaner, it was a type of acid I think, you would spray it on and it would eat everything off the coil and if it was a painted one it would eat the paint off of it too. Not sure if its coated or just bare aluminum but I would imagine that would work, if it is infact paint.
  12. You might see half a letter here and there with the shroud and fan on it anyways. Function first, looks second is what I say for underhood parts.
  13. Ill be getting one of these soon.
  14. Did the stock fan fit everything o.k.?

    These are a great deal!
  15. +1 on this question
  16. and is there any weight savings with these, or are stock radiators also aluminum?
  17. I worked at an aluminum boat shop for a summer - we used hydrochloric acid to take the production numberings off the sheets of aluminum. That was some MEAN stuff. Get even a speck of it on you and if felt like it was burning a hole completely through you.

  18. We have muratic acid at work and one day we were tearing down some shelves and decided to clean the tile with the acid. Well you are supposed to dilute it 20:1 with water, we poured it straight on and had to open the doors cause of the fumes. But it definatly got rid of that tile. lol

    Im ordering one of these soon, Ill take the paint off and let you guys know what i used.
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