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  1. I was seeping some water so I yanked the heads since it was errkin me. I always said if these TFS 170 Wedge heads came off I'd hear I am with the mod bug.
    My heads are at the machine shop being gone thru so I can sell them and I ended up not being able to resist the urge and ordered some TEA cnc 205 wedge heads.

    Well now I am thinking of selling my ported Holley in favor of the Super Vic/Elbow

    LOL, damn mod bug got me. I know the Super Vic would be better suited for what I do and the rpm I see (7k+) but my pocket book is going to start hurting.

    Now is the time to do it though, while everything is apart.

    So do I splurge, or continue on with the Holley?
  2. In the long run, swapping now saves money.

  3. If you got it apart, why not. Those parts will only make it stronger. Snap some pics afterwards. Just not enough pics of you car on here.
  4. I concur.
  5. +2
  6. I ordered it!
  7. We figured you would.

  8. LOL :shrug:

    Showed up today I will get some pics. Hopefully TEA finishes up the heads next week.
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  10. :nice:

    which elbow and throttle body are they?
  11. Its a Precision turbo elbow (90mm) and still my same 10yr old Accufab 70mm tb
  12. very nice i cant wait to see the heads
  13. Me to haha, little upset TEA closed up due to the PRI show (and never mentioned it, I found out today when I was trying to fig out why the heads hadn't shown up). So the 7-10 business day turn time I was quoted is now hogwash. Ordered these heads Nov 8th.

    We have a big race Sat I planned to be at, pretty bummed.
  14. Damn heads...c'mon!


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  15. that's a funny but sad picture.
  16. my only concern now is how your convertor is going to act with the bigger heads and different intake ?
  17. I just had it re-done :) When I made 774rw I blew thru it bad, so I had it tightend up with this in mind.

    I'm not after more power (honestly), just same power on less boost. Be a lil easier on parts. Well and have some room to grow LOL.

    I always said when these heads came off I would upgrade...and then I end up swapping intakes also haha.
  18. i have a set of 170's going on my 91 that down the road i might send in to get cncd out to 205
  19. I almost did that untill they quoted me over 1000$ to port the 170s I had. It seems you get a deal if you buy new haha.
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