Modified Fastbacks Site: Updated

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  1. Check out this collection of the most modified Mustangs from recent years and website links to their manufactures. Also a link to preview your Mustang with different wheels, tires, color, ride height, and window tint:

    I put the website together to have one source for mod ideas for my own fastback project currently under construction. Are there any I missed?

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  2. sweet!

    Edit: What is the name of that black mustang that is insanely flared? its a 65 that says 4.6 on the back... looks real nice i'd like to look at more pics of it
  3. Thank you. This is a mine of inspirational ideas.
  4. suki243- I'll look for that car, I think I've seen it before but not sure where.
  5. thanks, i saw it somewhere before, and then again in a slideshow


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  6. Oh yes, there it is, apparantly it's a '65 Fastback customized for Patrick Dempsey (the actor) by Panoz Auto Development and it was at the 2007 SEMA show. I will continue my search for more pictures, I'd like to see more too. Thanks.
  7. sweet, thanks a bunch for searching for me. I'm looking for like a side view from the front, I've never seen fenders that flared, and i like the way it looks from the back just wondering about the front.