Modular Depot. Final Verdict 7 Years Later.

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  1. First off you can read about the majority of my experience here:

    Now, 7 years later I'm paying for their f*ck ups again. I recently went in for Salt Lake County emissions testing. You can read about that here:

    They lied about my stock parts. In all fairness, I was really stupid and naive to believe them and leave the parts with them. I was just young and dumb. But the STB was a crock.

    Now, 7 years later, I find out that when they tuned my car, they disabled emission systems monitoring AND engine misfire monitoring in my ECU. I'm pretty sure that is not standard practice for most tuning shops. Now I have to have a dealership flash my ECU to get it to monitor those systems again and then re-tune my car with a mail-order tune. After seeing what MD was all about, I'll probably see an improvement with my handheld wouldn't surprise me.

    Conclusion. F*ck Modular Depot. I know they moved or merged with some other shop in KY. Hopefully no one associated with the old MD is still there. If so, do yourselves a favor and stay away.
  2. What do you mean "disabled emissions systems monitoring"? If you mean turning off the rear O2 sensors, yes, that is a fairly common practice. Every shop I've dealt with has asked if I wanted them turned on or off.

    The engine misfire monitoring is a bit strange, though. Haven't heard of that being turned off.
  3. Hmmm, is he talking about a the Knock-sensor?
  4. Gue
  5. I mean everything. EGR, O2, everything that has to do with emissions. I guess they meant the knock sensor. I don't know. It's just listed as "Engine misfire." I can understand turning of the O2 sensors as common practice, but they didn't ask me if I wanted anything disabled. Not to mention my ECU is now monitoring everything and still isn't throwing codes. So I don't see the point. Oh and an update on the Bama tuner...My car is running better with it than with the old MD tune.
  6. Disabled emissions is normal, Engine misfire is totally separate... Your car probably doesnt have rear cats correct?
  7. no one cares
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