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Discussion in '2005 - 2014 S-197 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by 226embarcadero, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. Thanks pal.

    I appreciate your comment and respectful criticism.

    Too bad there are always posters looking to start a fight.
  2. I mean this in a respectful way. You're free to do anything you want to the car BUT putting badges on the car that don't belong is a little much IMO.

    It wouldn't matter if you had 1000 hp under the hood and could blow the doors off any shelby out there, it's still not a shelby unless the vin number says it is.

    Youre misrepresenting your car to others which makes it easy for people to label you as a "poser"

    My constructive criticism would be to remove the badges. There's nothing wrong with stripes and I don't think the tail lights look that bad either.

    The car looks good and would look a lot better minus the dirt and badges.:nice:
  3. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  4. The Saleen reference comes from the number "210" on the front left corner of the bumper....a la Saleen.


    I think the import scene has caught up with someone....

    If one badge is cool, 3 must be better, right? Stripes, Saleen #, Powered by Ford, Shelby Cobra, Euro headlights and tails, single exhaust pipe....

    A "custom" for sure....
  5. +1. not a fan of mustangs that are loaded up with excessive badges (gt or v6). the lights are different than most s197's not as ricer IMO (not saying i would put them on mine but it is your car). the only thing i would add is a chin spoiler.

    the only exterior mods i have done so far is tint, just got my gt500 spolier in and new badges for the side

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  6. Thanks for your comments.

    You just showed how to perfectly give constructive criticism. Thanks!
  7. My guess is that you're just mad because my V6 looks better than your GT.

    It's OK to admit it...

    I'd love to see some pics of your whip pal.

    Until then, you're just a hater to me.
  8. RutRoh! This is getting good.
  9. For the record, here's mine:
  10. I admit that I had some cobra emblems once and damn did it look good on my pony, but on the third week I was at a store and this fat black chick walks by and says to her girl friend look it's one of them there cobra's and it felt like the cow scene in Me, Myself and Irene with Jim Carey. :rlaugh: They had to go then. :)
    I'll have to dig up them pics and show ya

  11. :nice:

    is that a Xenon black out panel?
  12. Nice botay:D
  13. This is why I went the route I did. Granted the tribar pony emblems are now from the V6, but it has been a symbool for the Mustang since '64(IMO looks better than the GT emblem). I'd rather have no emblem there, but Ford put holes there and emblems are cheaper than repair/paint. The GT/A is not a current model, but in '67 the automatic Stangs wore the same emblem(in the same location)and mine being an auto, isn't misrepresenting. Also added "MUSTANG" on the rear decklid as a lot of Stangs did regardless of engine. I also plan on doing yet another emblem mod in the future that will be retro and very respectable. For any that don't like it, that's ok and why we have so many options for personalization out there. Granted, it is very easy to go way overboard, but that is personal preference. Once you go posting pics and such on the internet the likes and dislikes will come out. Like 226 said before, if you don't like it, you can just move on to the next thread and post no comment to his here:nice: I don't agree with his lights or the snake emblem, but I don't criticize him for it(hopefully it comes out that way):D
  14. You're right. I hate your car. I'll post some photos of my car...that don't look like disposable camera shots of a dirty car in a parking lot (like yours).

  15. make that two!

    :popcorn: :popcorn:
  16. be it filthy or plain ol' dirty, people are laughing at you.whether you like it or not.
  17. I damn sure wasn't laughing at him, just questioning his choice of "mods" .... some have taken it to another level ... whatever. Bottom line is if you have a thin skin, you shouldn't ask for opinions, you may not get the responses you were looking for and a lot of us won't take the time to sugar coat it. Typing something like " I hate it" isn't necessary, but hey, this is the internet.
  18. The bashing that's going on, disguised as "opinions" of the degenerates that are posting them don't bother me at all.

    Sparty, I think, has personal issues about V6s that he's not talking about. But judging by the way he's been treating a fellow Mustang lover like myself, he's simply a punk looking to start an argument. I never take these people seriously because they have no credibility.

    Here's the bottom line: I love my car and posted pictures to get opinions... thinking they would mostly be positive because I assume everyone here loves Mustangs. My mistake was believing that everyone on this site shared one thing in common and it would transcend negativity or arguments. In other words, I thought that because we all love Mustangs, no one would find it necessary to bash or launch personal attacks like some have.

    I would never be as cruel as some of the jerks that have responded to my post have been. Reason is, because I know that people here are proud of their vehicles and I would never want to make them feel stupid. Also, I'm an adult and I think people with a certain level of maturity just don't act that way.

    Dirty? Filthy? You don't like this? You don't like that? Fine. That's your opinion and you're entitled to it. But I fail to see the reason or necessity to publicly call out a fellow Mustang lover and bash them in an arena like this. I told this to someone in a different post but I'll say it once more. True, I asked for positive and negative feedback... but negative feedback doesn't mean being a dick. I expected negative feedback to be constructive rather than confrontational.

    I come to this message board because I love discussing Mustangs with others who also love them. Unfortunately, in the future I will have to be more careful with what I post because I seriously don't want to encounter this type of juvenile crap again.

    That said, I'm done fighting on this issue.
  19. As I said THIN skin. You've riced-up your AMERICAN muscle car... stuck badges on it that DO NOT belong and then whine (want some cheese with that?) when you didn't get the replies you wanted?

    Post your current car on ANY Mustang forum on the web and I PROMISE you, if you say " Tell the truth" , 9 out of 10 posters will bash your selection of "mods". Is it "hate"? NO. It's about the tradition of the car and all the great cars of the past. You just can't stick emblems of the greats on your car and expect to get "respect". Where is the "R" sticker?

    Sorry, Mustangs are NOT about ordering the latest/greatest stick-on crap from the JC Witney catalog.
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