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Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by JOSTANG75, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. I went to Wal Mart today and noticied that they sell Motorcraft 5w20 Synthetic Blend motor oil. Has anyone used it or uses it? Is pure synthetic available in 5w20 or just synthetiv blend? What does Ford actually use?
  2. Ford's original equipment oil filter is Motorcraft so the oil might be as well.
  3. i use Mobil pure synthetic oil and its a 15W50.
  4. JDM why such a heavy weight?? I'm curious why you use that?? I use mobil one, but I use the 10w30.
  5. Specifications are 5w20 :)
  6. I know that is why I was wondering why such a heavy oil?? I use the high mileage synthetic oil which is the 10W30, for obvious reasons.
  7. It's not that obvious to me. Do you think we should switch to heavier oil for high mileage engines ?
  8. do you think that it will harm my engine because its heavier than what its supposed to use? i just got it because it said that it was a performance type. :shrug:
  9. Someone tell me if I'm wrong but I don't think it would do any arm to your engine, but you should notice lower performances and lower mpg.
  10. is 15w 40 to heavy?
  11. im not too sure how its affected the mileage cuz i just started putting the synthetic in. but the car seemed to me going a lot smoother after the oil change was done. that could have been cuz i was 1500 miles overdue. can anyone tell me for sure if its not good for my engine? im not too worried though, y would they call the oil a performance type if it hurt your performance? :shrug:
  12. the blend means that it isnt pure, so you just have to look out for "blend". and it will say pure synethetic on the bottle if it is pure.
  13. ????????? Mobil 1 10/30 perfect for our car, 1 correction, 5/20 is light weight oil this why dealers use it for the gas milege...any this over 10/30 is and will make you vehicle run very poorly...
  14. i cant really take your word for this. maybe its just your post count. :nonono: j/k. can anyone else input on this one?
  15. Well... ndotym is right. 5W20 is recommended by ford and gives you good mpg, but might be a bit light for your engine protection. I guess 30 should be fine, gives you a little extra protection, but might decrease your mpg (Anyone has seen actual figures on that issue ?)... Higher than that, you have the risk of having a really low mpg and decreased perfs.

    The weight tells you if you are putting water or mallasses to lubricate your engine...
  16. I just wouldn't think you would need that heavy an oil unless your running a top fuel car or something. But I'm guessing if it's working for you, it is probably fine but I personally like the oil to be a bit lighter.
  17. tahts exactly what the bottle says. it says that it would work well with supercharged cars and turbocharged cars. i forget what it exactly says but it does say that it brings out the best performance in any car. nothing about mileage or anything. ill post tomorrow what it does say.
  18. so 15w 40 way to heavy??
  19. 5w20 was spec'd by Ford for improved gas mileage but it may not protect as well as a good 5w30 or 10w30. Check out these guys if you want to know more about oil. I wouldn't use anything above 30 weight for a newer Mustang. 15w40 might be OK for an older engine. I use Amsoil 5w30 full synthetic, good stuff. Mobil 1 is also good oil but a little on the thin side, a few older cars have consumption issues with it.